Boards and Commissions

Hearing and Speech, Board of

RCW 18.35.150

Examines and licenses hearing instrument dispensers; recommends standards for equipment and procedures, along with rules and regulations for administering regulatory act; adopt rules relating to standards of care relating to hearing instrument fitter/dispensers or audiologists, and relating to speech-language pathologists.

Number of appointments by Governor:


Term in Years:



Expenses Plus $50 Per day


Two hearing instrument fitter/dispensers, two audiologists, and two speech language pathologists, all of whom must have at least five years of experience in their field and be actively engaged in occupation within two years of appointment; three general public members who have an interest in the rights of consumers of health services. One nonvoting member who is a medical physician. No member shall be appointed to serve more than two consecutive terms.

Number of yearly meetings:


PDC Filing:


Senate Confirmation Required:


Current Members (pdf)