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  • Opening and expanding trade opportunities for Washington companies;

  • Meeting with key government officials to improve market access for Washington businesses;

  • Forging closer business ties with Chinese and Vietnamese companies and encouraging foreign investment in Washington;

  • Meeting with key tourism industry leaders to discuss opportunities to increase leisure and business travel to Washington; and

  • Advancing education exchange and cultural relations between Washington and China and Vietnam


  • One in three jobs in Washington is tied to trade, either directly or indirectly.

  • Exports to China have grown at an average rate of 19 percent per year since 2000, increasing even during the global economic slowdown.

  • Vietnam has emerged as an expanding market for a variety of Washington products: software, electronics, aerospace, clean energy technologies and agriculture products.

Photo of Gov. Chris Gregoire Governor Chris Gregoire

09/21/10 - What a week! After traveling throughout China, we’re settling into Vietnam where we continue to open new doors and opportunities in our effort to create new jobs at home. The meetings we’ve had and the promotional events we’ve conducted are proof that there’s demand for Washington products – which is great news! Read more »

More Trade Mission Notes

Image of Chinese dragon.

Chris Rivera, President, Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association

09/21/10 - I’m delighted to report a very successful trip for the delegation representing the life sciences sector in Washington. Last week has been almost non-stop, including visits to two Chinese life sciences innovation centers and dozens of productive meetings with potential partners and investors, and we were featured at Washington Day at the amazing World Expo 2010 Shanghai China. Read more »



Photo of Rogers Weed.

Rogers Weed, Director, Washington State Department of Commerce

09/20/10 - We wrapped up the China part of our trip on Saturday with a visit to the World Expo in Shanghai. This collection of pavilions from countries around the world seeks to deepen the understanding of the Chinese people about the world around them. Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

Alexander Glos, CEO, i2i Group

09/20/10 - Washington state Tourism, Seattle's CVB and the Port of Seattle led a group of tourism representatives, destinations, hotels and tour operators to Beijing and Shanghai in conjunction with the Governors mission. Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

Jason Kuo, Rheoblast

09/15/10 - The biotech contingent had a tour of Beijing Zhongguancun (ZGC) Life Science Park today. This science park is an ambitious effort ($800M US with three phases of construction) to foster the growth of biotech industry here. Read more »



Photo of Rogers Weed.

Rogers Weed, Director, Washington State Department of Commerce

09/14/10 - A nearly 100 person delegation led by the Governor is setting out for 10 days in China and Vietnam. I am very excited about this trip because its timing is so good. Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

Yale Wong, General Biodiesel

09/13/10 - General Biodiesel is a true waste-to-energy company that transforms waste cooking oil into an environmentally beneficial and profitable commodity: biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel can be used as a direct replacement to petroleum diesel in any diesel engine in the world. The benefits of biodiesel are significant, including improved engine function, increased engine longevity, and significantly less harmful combustion emissions into the environment. Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

Jason Kuo, Rheoblast

09/11/10 - It is two days before my trip to Beijing and Shanghai as a member of Washington stateís trade mission. I am excited to have an opportunity to meet with representatives from Chinaís pharmaceutical industry and tour the technology parks. Read more »



Photo of Dan Newhouse.

Dan Newhouse, Director, Washington State Department of Agriculture

09/10/10 - As a farmer, I’ve worked to improve access for our farm products in foreign markets long before I joined WSDA. Washington growers are leading producers and exporters of apples, cherries, potatoes, wheat and dozens of other commodities. Without export markets, farmers would experience a dramatic decline in prices for their goods. Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

Rae Anne Rushing, PE, LEED® AP

09/09/10 - Last month, China surpassed the US as the world’s largest energy consumer according to the International Energy Agency. China also surpassed the US in clean energy investments in 2009.  Rushing is an engineering company that specializes in High Performance Building Design in Commercial Buildings. Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

Jason Kuo, Rheoblast

09/03/10 - So what does it take to build a biotech company?  Technology?  Money?  People? Market?  I used to think (somewhat naively) that a risky technology was the principal reason that a biotech would fail. Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

Cameron Potter, 3TIER Managing Director for the Pacific Rim

09/02/10 - Soon two staff members from 3TIER (Ed Mahlum, SVP of Product Development and I) will be off to China to take part in the trade mission.  It looks to be a valuable opportunity - both to broaden our Chinese contacts and to establish firmer ties with innovators in the clean energy space. Read more »



Photo of Matt Harris.

Matt Harris, Washington State Potato Commission

09/01/10 - Washington is the most trade-dependent state in the U.S., which holds especially true for potatoes. Over half the Washington potato crop is exported as either fresh or processed product. Read more »



Photo of Governor Chris Gregoire.

Governor Chris Gregoire

08/30/10 - As we make our final arrangements for our upcoming trade mission to China and Vietnam, I hope you’ll follow along and visit this blog frequently as we promote our products overseas to grow jobs here at home. Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

Jason Kuo, Rheoblast

08/31/10 - Several friends have asked why I would spend my personal fund to be a part of this trade mission – after all, isn’t Rheoblast a biotech startup that probably will not start selling its products for another couple years? Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

Randy Aliment, Williams Kastner

08/31/10 - Washington has had a long and cooperative relationship with China dating back to the 1860s when the first Chinese immigrants arrived in Seattle. In 1909-10, the University of Washington established its first China Studies program. Our positive relationship continued, thanks in large part to Washington’s engaged leadership, including Senator Warren Magnusson who became a leading advocate for normalized relations with China during the 1950s. Our friendly and reciprocal political ties are evident. Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

B.J. Thurlby, President, Washington State Fruit Commission

08/20/10 - The Northwest Cherry Growers have seen their annual production increase by 50% over the past five years. This dramatic growth has driven the sweet cherry growers of Washington State to focus their market development efforts to markets outside of the United States. Export market growth will be the major contributor to sustained economic success for the state’s growers and their crop which has a FOB plant value of over $400,000,000. Read more »



Image of Chinese dragon.

Andy Brassington, Vintners Global Resource

08/19/10 - At Vintners Global Resource, we're true believers in the benefits of international trade. Every one of the 8 plus direct jobs in our Yakima-based firm is dependent on international trade. Our business also creates other indirect jobs in warehousing and logistics. Read more »