2010 Bill Action

Updated December 22, 2010. All legislation has been acted upon.

Governor Gregoire calls special session

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House Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
1080 Relating to allowing impact fees to be used for all fire protection facilities. Signed 03/17/10
1096 Relating to enhancing small business participation in state purchasing. Vetoed 04/01/10
1149 Relating to protecting consumers from breaches of security. Signed 03/22/10
1317 Relating to disclosure of public records containing information used to locate or identify employees of criminal justice agencies. Signed 03/31/10
1418 Relating to establishing a statewide dropout reengagement program. Signed 03/12/10
1541 Relating to granting half-time service credit for half-time educational employment prior to January 1, 1987, in plans 2 and 3 of the school employees' retirement system and the public employees' retirement system. Signed 03/18/10
1545 Relating to higher education employees' annuities and retirement income plans. Signed 03/12/10
1560 Relating to collective bargaining for employees of institutions of higher education. Signed 03/18/10
1576 Relating to determining the amount of motor vehicle fuel tax moneys derived from tax on marine fuel. Signed 03/12/10
1591 Relating to the use of certain transportation benefit district funds. Signed 03/18/10
1597 Relating to improving the administration of state and local tax programs without impacting tax collections by providing greater consistency in numerous tax incentive programs, revising provisions relating to the confidentiality and disclosure of tax information, and amending statutes to improve clarity and consistency, eliminate obsolete provisions, and simplify administration. Signed 03/18/10
1653 Relating to clarifying the integration of shoreline management act policies with the growth management act. Signed 03/18/10
1679 Relating to access to catastrophic disability medical insurance under plan 2 of the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system. Signed 03/31/10
1690 Relating to public works projects. Signed 04/23/10
1714 Relating to association health plans. Signed 03/23/10
1761 Relating to the ethical use of legislative web sites. Signed 03/24/10
1876 Relating to providing funds for disabled veterans through voluntary donations. Signed 03/17/10
1880 Relating to ballot envelopes. Signed/Partial Veto 03/19/10
1913 Relating to process servers. Signed 03/18/10
1956 Relating to the housing of homeless persons on property owned or controlled by a church. Signed 03/23/10
1966 Relating to adding wheelchair users to the types of individuals for whom drivers must take additional precautions. Signed 03/24/10
2016 Relating to campaign contribution and disclosure laws. Signed/Partial Veto 03/25/10
2179 Relating to authorizing cities to provide and contract for supplemental transportation improvements. Signed 03/30/10
2196 Relating to including service credit transferred from the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 1 in the determination of eligibility for military service credit. Signed 03/31/10
2226 Relating to issuing firearms certificates to retired law enforcement officers. Signed 03/31/10
2360 Relating to consolidation of administrative services for AIDS grants in the department of health. Signed 03/26/10
2396 Relating to emergency cardiac and stroke care. Signed 03/15/10
2399 Relating to penalties for engaging in, or advertising to engage in, solid waste collection without a solid waste collection certificate. Signed 03/12/10
2402 Relating to a property tax exemption for property owned by a nonprofit organization and used for the purpose of a farmers market. Signed 03/24/10
2403 Relating to military leave for public employees. Signed 03/17/10
2406 Relating to updating and removing obsolete references from the statutes governing the joint legislative audit and review committee. Signed 03/12/10
2419 Relating to the exemption to the three-year active transacting requirement for foreign or alien insurer applicants. Signed 03/17/10
2420 Relating to the promotion of the industries that rely on the state's working land base. Signed 03/24/10
2422 Relating to escape or disappearance notification requirements. Signed 03/12/10
2424 Relating to protecting children from sexual exploitation and abuse. Signed 03/26/10
2428 Relating to fees for locating surplus funds from county governments, real estate property taxes, assessments, and other government lien foreclosures or charges. Signed 03/12/10
2429 Relating to the resale of motor vehicles previously determined as having nonconformities. Signed 03/12/10
2430 Relating to cardiovascular invasive specialists. Signed 03/17/10
2436 Relating to vehicle license fraud. Signed 04/01/10
2443 Relating to conforming the uniform controlled substances act to existing state and federal law. Signed 03/23/10
2460 Relating to organic products. Signed 03/18/10
2464 Relating to approaching certain emergency, roadside assistance, or police vehicles in emergency zones. Signed 03/30/10
2465 Relating to breath test instruments approved by the state toxicologist. Signed 03/15/10
2466 Relating to the regulation of ignition interlock devices. Signed 03/31/10
2481 Relating to the department of natural resources authority to enter into forest biomass supply agreements. Signed 03/19/10
2487 Relating to increasing costs for administering a deferred prosecution. Signed 03/15/10
2490 Relating to persons with intellectual disabilities. Signed 03/17/10
2493 Relating to the taxation of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Signed 04/23/10
2496 Relating to ballot design. Signed 03/12/10
2503 Relating to modernizing the criteria for membership on the board of natural resources without altering the number of members. Signed 03/24/10
2510 Relating to authorizing public hospital districts to execute commonly accepted security instruments, as required to participate in federal programs that reduce the costs of financing the construction, rehabilitation, replacing, and equipping of hospitals or other health care facilities. Signed 03/17/10
2515 Relating to biodiesel fuel labeling requirements. Signed 03/17/10
2518 Relating to oath requirements for interpreters. Signed 03/24/10
2519 Relating to duty-related death benefits for public safety employees. Signed 03/31/10
2521 Relating to conversion rights upon termination of eligibility for health plan coverage. Signed 03/18/10
2525 Relating to public facilities districts created by at least two city or county legislative authorities. Signed 03/24/10
2527 Relating to the energy facility site evaluation council. Signed 03/22/10
2533 Relating to the detention and interstate transfer of persons found not guilty by reason of insanity. Signed 03/25/10
2534 Relating to establishing a program to verify the address of registered sex offenders and kidnapping offenders. Signed 03/31/10
2538 Relating to high-density urban development. Signed 03/22/10
2539 Relating to optimizing the collection of source separated materials within the current regulatory structure. Signed 03/22/10
2540 Relating to repealing the expiration date for provisions relating to the licensure of dentists from other states. Signed 03/23/10
2541 Relating to maximizing the ecosystem services provided by forestry through the promotion of the economic success of the forest products industry. Signed 03/24/10
2546 Relating to classroom training for electrical trainees. Signed 03/12/10
2547 Relating to franchise agreements between new motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers. Signed 03/23/10
2551 Relating to the establishment of the Washington vaccine association. Signed 03/23/10
2555 Relating to authorizing the department of labor and industries to issue subpoenas, but only with respect to enforcement of chapter 19.28 RCW. Signed 03/15/10
2560 Relating to forming joint underwriting associations. Signed 03/29/10
2561 Relating to creating jobs by funding construction of energy cost saving improvements to public facilities and raising revenue therefor. Signed 05/04/10
2564 Relating to escrow agents. Signed 03/12/10
2575 Relating to the expansion of the membership of the capital projects advisory review board. Vetoed 04/01/10
2576 Relating to restructuring and affirming certain fees established by the office of the secretary of state. Signed 04/27/10
2585 Relating to insurance. Signed 03/12/10
2592 Relating to prohibiting incentive towing programs for private property impounds. Signed 03/15/10
2593 Relating to creating tools to enhance the department of fish and wildlife's ability to manage shellfish resources. Signed 03/24/10
2596 Relating to defining child advocacy centers for the multidisciplinary investigation of child abuse and implementation of county protocols. Signed 03/23/10
2598 Relating to disposal of dredged riverbed materials from the Mount St. Helen's eruption. Signed 03/15/10
2603 Relating to violations of state law or agency rule by small businesses. Signed 03/24/10
2608 Relating to licensing residential mortgage loan servicers through the national mortgage licensing service and clarifying the existing authority of the department of financial institutions to regulate residential mortgage loan modification services under the consumer loan act and mortgage broker practices act. Signed 03/12/10
2617 Relating to eliminating boards and commissions. Signed 03/29/10
2620 Relating to excise taxation of certain products and services provided or furnished electronically. Signed 03/18/10
2621 Relating to designating resource programs for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics instruction in K-12 schools. Signed 03/29/10
2625 Relating to bail for felony offenses. Signed 03/31/10
2630 Relating to creating the opportunity express program. Signed/Partial Veto 04/23/10
2649 Relating to correcting references in RCW 50.29.021(2)(c)(i), (c)(ii), and (3)(e), RCW 50.29.062(2)(b)(i)(B) and (2)(b)(iii), and RCW 50.29.063(1)(b) and (2)(a)(ii) to unemployment insurance statutes concerning employer experience rating accounts and contribution rates. Signed 03/12/10
2651 Relating to the authority of port districts to participate in activities related to job training and placement. Signed 03/24/10
2657 Relating to the dissolution of limited liability companies. Signed 03/24/10
2658 Relating to refocusing the mission of the department of commerce, including transferring programs. Signed/Partial Veto 04/01/10
2659 Relating to modifying reporting requirements for timber purchases. Signed 03/24/10
2661 Relating to the plant operations support program. Signed 03/12/10
2667 Relating to communications during a forest fire response. Signed 03/12/10
2672 Relating to tax relief for aluminum smelters. Signed 03/25/10
2676 Relating to energy conservation loans. Signed 03/26/10
2677 Relating to water conservation loans. Signed 03/26/10
2678 Relating to modifying distributions of funds by the horse racing commission to nonprofit race meets. Signed 03/12/10
2680 Relating to implementing a guardianship program. Signed 04/01/10
2681 Relating to allowing compensation for part-time judges' judicial services. Signed 03/24/10
2684 Relating to establishing opportunity centers at community colleges. Signed 03/12/10
2686 Relating to fees for dental services that are not covered services under dental insurance or dental health care service contracts. Signed 03/26/10
2694 Relating to a bachelor of science in nursing program at the University Center. Signed 04/23/10
2697 Relating to real estate broker licensure fees. Signed 03/22/10
2704 Relating to transferring the Washington main street program to the department of archaeology and historic preservation. Signed 03/12/10
2707 Relating to the method of calculating public utility district commissioner compensation. Signed 03/15/10
2717 Relating to restricting outings from state facilities. Signed 03/31/10
2731 Relating to implementing a program of early learning for educationally at-risk children. Signed/Partial Veto 03/29/10
2734 Relating to allowing federally qualified community health centers to buy surplus real property from the department of transportation. Signed 03/22/10
2735 Relating to the representation of children in dependency matters. Signed 03/23/10
2740 Relating to the definition of land use decision in the land use petition act. Signed 03/15/10
2742 Relating to accountability for persons driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. Signed 03/31/10
2745 Relating to including renovation activities as defined in the environmental protection agency's renovation, repair, and painting rule in the lead-based paint program. Signed 03/22/10
2747 Relating to the use of restraints on pregnant women or youth. Signed 03/23/10
2748 Relating to dues for an association established under RCW 53.06.030. Signed 03/24/10
2752 Relating to the safety of runaway youth. Signed 03/26/10
2753 Relating to the creation of a workforce housing program. Signed 03/26/10
2758 Relating to documenting wholesale sales for excise tax purposes. Signed 03/18/10
2775 Relating to membership on the state building code council. Signed 04/01/10
2776 Relating to funding distribution formulas for K-12 education. Signed/Partial Veto 03/29/10
2777 Relating to modifying domestic violence provisions. Signed/Partial Veto 04/01/10
2782 Relating to establishing the security lifeline act. Signed/Partial Veto 03/29/10
2789 Relating to authorizing issuance of subpoenas for purposes of agency investigations of underground economic activity. Signed 03/12/10
2801 Relating to antiharassment strategies in public schools. Signed 03/29/10
2805 Relating to public works involving off-site prefabrication. Signed 04/01/10
2823 Relating to permitting retired participants to resume volunteer firefighter, emergency worker, or reserve officer service. Signed 03/15/10
2828 Relating to requiring hospitals to report certain health care-associated infections to the Washington state hospital association's quality benchmarking system until the national health care safety network is able to accept aggregate denominator data. Signed 03/18/10
2830 Relating to credit union regulatory enforcement powers. Signed 03/17/10
2831 Relating to state-chartered commercial banks, trust companies, savings banks, and their holding companies. Signed 03/17/10
2836 Relating to the capital budget. Signed/Partial Veto 05/04/10
2841 Relating to the standard health questionnaire. Signed 04/01/10
2842 Relating to insurer receiverships. Signed 03/17/10
2858 Relating to purchasing authority of institutions of higher education with group purchasing organizations. Signed 03/15/10
2861 Relating to state certified court reporters. Signed 03/17/10
2867 Relating to early learning. Signed 03/29/10
2876 Relating to pain management. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/25/10
2877 Relating to authorizing payment of regulated company stock in lieu of a portion of salary for educational employees. Signed 03/12/10
2893 Relating to school levies. Signed/Partial Veto 03/29/10
2913 Relating to authorizing innovative interdistrict cooperative high school programs. Signed 03/17/10
2921 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed 02/15/10
2925 Relating to impact payments of a municipally owned hydroelectric facility. Signed/Partial Veto 03/24/10
2935 Relating to environmental and land use hearings boards. Signed 03/25/10
2939 Relating to notations on driver abstracts that a person was not at fault in a motor vehicle accident. Signed/Partial Veto 03/30/10
2956 Relating to a hospital safety net assessment for increased hospital payments to improve health care access for the citizens of Washington. Signed 04/27/10
2961 Relating to establishing a statewide electronic tracking system for the nonprescription sales of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine. Signed 03/23/10
2962 Relating to allowing county treasurers to use electronic bill presentment and payment that includes an automatic electronic payment option for property taxes. Signed 03/24/10
2973 Relating to resident student classification for certain members of the military and their spouses and dependents. Signed 03/23/10
2986 Relating to requiring the appointment of nonvoting labor members to public transportation governing bodies. Signed 04/01/10
2990 Relating to alternative city assumption and tax authority provisions pertaining to water-sewer districts. Signed 03/18/10
2996 Relating to record check information. Signed 03/17/10
2998 Relating to suspension of certain monetary awards and salary increases. Signed 02/15/10
3007 Relating to authorizing airport operators to make airport property available at less than fair market rental value for public recreational or other community uses. Signed 03/22/10
3014 Relating to modifying the sales and use tax deferral program for investment projects in rural counties. Signed 04/13/10
3016 Relating to updating provisions concerning the modification, review, and adjustment of child support orders to improve access to justice and to ensure compliance with federal requirements. Signed 04/01/10
3026 Relating to school districts' compliance with state and federal civil rights laws. Signed 03/29/10
3030 Relating to the administration of irrigation districts. Signed 03/24/10
3032 Relating to defining normal wear and tear for a motor vehicle for the purpose of a service contract. Signed 03/17/10
3036 Relating to nonvoter-approved school district debt. Signed 03/29/10
3040 Relating to the licensing of appraisal management companies. Signed 03/23/10
3046 Relating to dissolving the assets and affairs of a nonprofit corporation. Signed 03/25/10
3061 Relating to claims of insolvent self-insurers under industrial insurance. Signed 03/25/10
3066 Relating to creating uniformity among annual tax reporting survey provisions. Signed 03/18/10
3076 Relating to evaluations of persons under the involuntary treatment act. Signed 04/01/10
3105 Relating to including alternative fuel vehicles in a strategy to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from state agency fleets. Signed 03/22/10
3124 Relating to requiring a report to child protective services when a child is present in the vehicle of a person arrested for driving or being in control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Signed 03/25/10
3141 Relating to redesigning the delivery of temporary assistance for needy families. Signed/Partial Veto 04/01/10
3145 Relating to improving administration of wage complaints by defining the limitations period for administrative wage claims through the department of labor and industries, clarifying the requirements for the department to extend the time period for wage complaint investigations, revising the department's bond authority, tolling the civil statute of limitations, increasing minimum penalties for violators, creating and affecting waiver of penalties for repeat willful violators, and providing for wage law violation liability for successor businesses.
Signed 03/12/10
3178 Relating to creating efficiencies in the use of technology in state government. Signed/Partial Veto 04/01/10
3179 Relating to local excise tax provisions for counties and cities. Signed 03/19/10
3197 Relating to transferring funds from the budget stabilization account to the general fund. Signed 04/27/10
3201 Relating to fees for treatment services and outreach for children with heritable disorders. Signed 04/13/10
3209 Relating to managing costs of the ferry system. Signed/Partial Veto 04/01/10
3219 Relating to technical corrections to the Revised Code of Washington. Signed/Partial Veto 04/23/10
3225 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed 12/11/2010


Senate Bills

Bill Description Signed Date
5041 Relating to state contracts with veteran-owned businesses. Signed 03/10/10
5046 Relating to placing symphony musicians under the jurisdiction of the public employment relations commission for purposes of collective bargaining. Signed 03/10/10
5295 Relating to the unanimous recommendations of the public records exemptions accountability committee. Signed 03/19/10
5516 Relating to drug overdose prevention. Signed 03/10/10
5529 Relating to architects. Signed 03/19/10
5543 Relating to mercury reduction. Signed 03/19/10
5582 Relating to the Washington state patrol chief for a day program. Signed 03/10/10
5617 Relating to the early learning advisory council. Signed 03/10/10
5704 Relating to creation of a flood district by three or more counties. Signed 03/19/10
5742 Relating to crime-free rental housing. Signed 03/19/10
5798 Relating to medical marijuana. Signed 04/01/10
5902 Relating to promoting accessible communities for persons with disabilities. Signed 03/25/10
6130 Relating to amending provisions related to Initiative No. 960. Signed 02/24/10
6143 Relating to modifying excise tax laws to preserve funding for public schools, colleges, and universities, as well as other public systems essential for the safety, health, and security of all Washingtonians. Signed 04/23/10
6192 Relating to the modification of restitution in juvenile cases. Signed 03/19/10
6197 Relating to group life insurance. Signed 03/10/10
6202 Relating to vulnerable adults. Signed 03/19/10
6206 Relating to authorizing extensions of the due dates for filing tax incentive accountability reports and surveys with the department of revenue. Signed 03/19/10
6207 Relating to allowing local governments to create golf cart zones. Signed/Partial Veto 03/25/10
6208 Relating to temporary agricultural directional signs. Signed 03/19/10
6209 Relating to allowing moneys paid to county road funds to be used for park and ride lots. Signed 03/12/10
6211 Relating to creating an agricultural scenic corridor within the scenic and recreational highway system. Signed 03/10/10
6213 Relating to vehicles at railroad grade crossings. Signed 03/10/10
6214 Relating to restructuring three growth management hearings boards into one board. Signed 03/25/10
6218 Relating to modifying the local option capital asset lending program to authorize state use of certain voter approved excess tax levies to pay financing contracts and to clarify program participants. Signed 03/18/10
6219 Relating to funding sources for time certificate of deposit investments. Signed 03/19/10
6220 Relating to determination of the terms and conditions of bonds, notes, and other evidences of indebtedness of the state of Washington. Signed 04/13/10
6221 Relating to the clarifying and expanding participation in the Washington state local government investment pool. Signed 03/31/10
6227 Relating to permitting regularly enrolled students in a prescribed course of opticianry to practice under supervision without registering as an apprentice with the department of health. Signed 03/10/10
6229 Relating to the dairy inspection program. Signed 03/10/10
6239 Relating to making technical corrections to gender-based terms. Signed 03/10/10
6241 Relating to creating community facilities districts. Signed 03/10/10
6243 Relating to eliminating provisions for filings at locations other than the public disclosure commission. Signed 03/25/10
6248 Relating to the use of bisphenol A. Signed 03/19/10
6251 Relating to nonresident surplus line brokers and insurance producers. Signed 03/10/10
6261 Relating to utility services collections against rental property. Signed 03/19/10
6267 Relating to water right processing improvements. Signed/Partial Veto 04/01/10
6271 Relating to annexations by cities and code cities located within the boundaries of a regional transit authority. Signed 03/10/10
6273 Relating to insurance coverage of the sales tax for prescribed durable medical equipment and mobility enhancing equipment. Signed 03/12/10
6275 Relating to harbor lines. Signed 03/12/10
6279 Relating to the clarification of regional transit authority facilities as essential public facilities. Signed 03/15/10
6280 Relating to East Asian medicine practitioners. Signed 04/01/10
6286 Relating to the liability and powers of cities, diking districts, and flood control zone districts. Signed 03/12/10
6287 Relating to the disposition of existing voter-approved indebtedness at the time of annexation of a city, partial city, or town to a fire protection district. Signed 03/15/10
6288 Relating to the authority of counties, cities, and towns to request criminal background checks from the Washington state patrol. Signed 03/12/10
6293 Relating to rendering criminal assistance in the first degree. Signed 03/31/10
6297 Relating to certification for speech-language pathology assistants. Signed 03/15/10
6298 Relating to the deposit of public funds with credit unions. Signed 03/12/10
6299 Relating to animal inspection. Signed 03/15/10
6306 Relating to crop adjusters. Signed 03/15/10
6308 Relating to controlling computer access by residents of the special commitment center. Signed 03/25/10
6329 Relating to creating a beer and wine tasting endorsement to the grocery store liquor license. Signed 03/19/10
6330 Relating to permitting the placement of human trafficking informational posters in rest areas. Signed 03/12/10
6332 Relating to human trafficking. Signed 03/19/10
6337 Relating to inmate savings accounts. Signed 03/18/10
6339 Relating to a sales and use tax exemption for wax and ceramic materials used to create molds for ferrous and nonferrous investment castings. Signed 03/26/10
6340 Relating to membership of the Washington state forensic investigations council. Signed 03/19/10
6341 Relating to transferring food assistance programs to the department of agriculture. Signed 03/15/10
6342 Relating to the Washington soldiers' home. Signed 03/17/10
6343 Relating to the establishment of the Washington food policy forum. Vetoed 04/02/10
6344 Relating to campaign contribution limits. Signed 03/25/10
6345 Relating to the use of wireless communications devices while driving. Signed 03/26/10
6346 Relating to expanding the use of certain electric vehicles. Signed 03/19/10
6349 Relating to a farm internship program. Signed/Partial Veto 03/22/10
6350 Relating to marine waters planning and management, including marine spatial planning. Signed 03/19/10
6355 Relating to expanding the higher education system upon proven demand. Signed 03/29/10
6356 Relating to limiting access to law enforcement and emergency equipment and vehicles. Signed 03/18/10
6357 Relating to policies for the academic recognition of prior learning. Signed 03/15/10
6359 Relating to promoting efficiencies including institutional coordination and partnerships in the community and technical college system. Signed 03/29/10
6361 Relating to a person's identifying information submitted in the course of using the electronic statewide unified sex offender notification and registration program for the purpose of receiving notification regarding registered sex offenders. Signed 03/31/10
6363 Relating to the enforcement of certain school or playground crosswalk violations. Signed 03/29/10
6365 Relating to motor vehicle emission standards. Signed 03/17/10
6367 Relating to responses to public records requests. Signed 03/15/10
6371 Relating to money transmitters. Signed 03/15/10
6373 Relating to reporting of emissions of greenhouse gases. Signed 03/19/10
6379 Relating to streamlining and making technical corrections to vehicle and vessel registration and title provisions. Signed 03/22/10
6381 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed/ Partial Veto 03/30/10
6382 Relating to reducing the cost of state government operations by restricting compensation. Signed 02/15/10
6392 Relating to the use of revenue generated from tolling the state route number 520 corridor. Signed/Partial Veto 03/30/10
6395 Relating to lawsuits aimed at chilling the valid exercise of the constitutional rights of speech and petition. Signed 03/18/10
6398 Relating to the definition of threat. Signed 03/18/10
6401 Relating to an alternative process for selecting an electrical contractor or a mechanical contractor, or both, for general contractor/construction manager projects. Signed 03/22/10
6403 Relating to accountability and support for vulnerable students and dropouts, including prevention, intervention, and reengagement. Signed/Partial Veto 03/29/10
6409 Relating to creating the Washington opportunity pathways account. Signed/Partial Veto 04/23/10
6414 Relating to improving the administration and efficiency of sex and kidnapping offender registration. Signed 03/31/10
6418 Relating to cities and towns annexed to fire protection districts. Signed 03/19/10
6444 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed/Partial Veto 05/04/10
6450 Relating to requiring the department of licensing to establish continuing education requirements for court reporters. Signed 03/12/10
6453 Relating to shared leave for members of the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system, plan 2. Signed 03/12/10
6459 Relating to the inspection of rental properties. Signed 03/19/10
6467 Relating to honorary degrees for students who were ordered into internment camps. Signed 03/12/10
6468 Relating to coordinating the weatherization and structural rehabilitation of residential structures. Signed 04/01/10
6470 Relating to the burdens of proof required in dependency matters affecting Indian children. Signed 04/01/10
6476 Relating to sex crimes involving minors. Signed/Partial Veto 04/01/10
6481 Relating to clarifying which local governments have jurisdiction over conversion-related forest practices. Signed 03/25/10
6485 Relating to craft distilleries. Signed 04/01/10
6487 Relating to repealing the expiration of the fair payment for chiropractic services requirement. Signed 03/18/10
6499 Relating to the administration, collection, use, and enforcement of tolls. Signed 03/30/10
6503 Relating to the operations of state agencies. Signed/Partial Veto 04/27/10
6504 Relating to the crime victims' compensation program. Signed 03/18/10
6510 Relating to the extension of state route number 166. Signed 03/17/10
6520 Relating to providing a one-year extension for completion of recommendations under RCW 36.70A.5601 conducted by the William D. Ruckelshaus Center. Signed 03/25/10
6522 Relating to establishing the accountable care organization pilot projects. Signed 03/25/10
6524 Relating to unemployment insurance penalties and contribution rates for employers who are not "qualified employers". Signed 03/15/10
6538 Relating to the definition of small groups for insurance purposes. Signed 04/01/10
6540 Relating to the combined fund drive. Signed 03/18/10
6543 Relating to the Washington tree fruit research commission. Signed 03/17/10
6544 Relating to time limitation for approval of plats. Signed 03/17/10
6546 Relating to membership in the public employees' retirement system. Signed 03/17/10
6548 Relating to offenders on parole or probation. Signed 03/31/10
6555 Relating to removing state route number 908 from the state highway system. Signed 03/17/10
6556 Relating to changing fees for certain types of agricultural burning. Signed 03/15/10
6557 Relating to limiting the use of certain substances in brake friction material. Signed 03/19/10
6558 Relating to petitions for administrative review of railroad crossing closures. Signed 03/17/10
6561 Relating to restricting access to juvenile offender records. Signed 03/22/10
6572 Relating to eliminating accounts. Signed/Partial Veto 03/29/10
6575 Relating to recommendations of the joint legislative task force on the underground economy. Vetoed 04/01/10
6577 Relating to modifying the transportation system policy goals. Signed 03/15/10
6578 Relating to the creation of optional multiagency permitting teams. Signed 03/22/10
6582 Relating to credentialing as a nursing assistant. Signed 03/23/10
6584 Relating to monitoring customer complaints and appeals and reporting them to the legislature. Signed 04/01/10
6590 Relating to law enforcement officer conduct. Signed 04/01/10
6591 Relating to complaints filed with the human rights commission. Signed 03/17/10
6593 Relating to the transfer of the administration of the infant and toddler early intervention program from the department of social and health services to the department of early learning. Signed 03/29/10
6604 Relating to flexibility in the education system. Signed 03/29/10
6609 Relating to infrastructure financing for local governments. Signed 03/22/10
6610 Relating to improving procedures relating to the commitment of persons found not guilty by reason of insanity. Signed 03/31/10
6611 Relating to extending the deadlines for the review and evaluation of comprehensive land use plan and development regulations for three years and addressing the timing for adopting certain subarea plans. Signed 03/25/10
6614 Relating to clarifying the applicability of business and occupation tax to conservation programs with the Bonneville power administration. Signed 04/01/10
6627 Relating to authorizing Washington pharmacies to fill prescriptions written by advanced registered nurse practitioners in other states or in certain provinces of Canada. Signed 03/17/10
6634 Relating to establishing civil penalties for failure to comply with dairy nutrient management recordkeeping requirements. Signed 03/17/10
6639 Relating to creating alternatives to total confinement for nonviolent offenders with minor children. Signed 03/26/10
6647 Relating to protecting jobs of members of the civil air patrol while acting in an emergency service operation. Signed 03/23/10
6658 Relating to modifying community solar project provisions for investment cost recovery incentives. Signed 03/25/10
6667 Relating to business assistance programs. Signed 03/22/10
6673 Relating to bail practices and procedures. Signed 03/31/10
6674 Relating to agreements to indemnify against liability for negligence involving motor carriers. Signed 03/18/10
6675 Relating to creating the Washington global health technologies and product development competitiveness program and allowing certain tax credits for program contributions. Signed 04/05/10
6679 Relating to the small business export finance assistance center. Signed 03/22/10
6688 Relating to filling vacancies in nonpartisan local elective office. Signed 03/25/10
6692 Relating to allowing certain counties to participate and enter into ownership agreements for electric generating facilities powered by biomass. Signed 03/22/10
6696 Relating to education reform. Signed 03/29/10
6702 Relating to providing education programs for juveniles in adult jails. Signed 03/26/10
6706 Relating to commercialization of research at state universities. Signed 04/05/10
6712 Relating to extending expiring tax incentives for certain clean alternative fuel vehicles, producers of certain biofuels, and federal aviation regulation part 145 certificated repair stations. Signed 03/31/10
6724 Relating to the leave sharing program. Signed 03/23/10
6726 Relating to making the governor the public employer of language access providers. Signed/Partial Veto 04/01/10
6727 Relating to health sciences and services authorities. Signed 04/27/10
6737 Relating to providing an exemption from property tax for aircraft used to provide air ambulance services. Signed 03/31/10
6745 Relating to veterinary technician licenses. Signed 03/18/10
6749 Relating to the transfer of commercial real estate. Signed 03/15/10
6759 Relating to a plan for a voluntary program of early learning. Signed 03/29/10
6764 Relating to accrual of interest on judgments founded on tortious conduct. Signed 03/19/10
6774 Relating to transportation benefit districts. Signed 03/30/10
6789 Relating to sales and use tax exemptions for certain equipment and infrastructure contained in data centers. Signed 03/25/10
6804 Relating to allowing the department of social and health services to adopt rules establishing standards for the review and certification of treatment facilities under the problem and pathological gambling treatment program. Signed 03/23/10
6816 Relating to special permitting for certain farm implements. Signed 03/18/10
6826 Relating to subagent service fees. Signed/Partial Veto 03/25/10
6831 Relating to estates and trusts. Signed 03/10/10
6832 Relating to the implementation of delivery of child welfare services through performance-based contracts by adding a foster youth representative to the child welfare transformation design committee. Signed 04/01/10
6833 Relating to management of funds and accounts by the state treasurer. Signed 03/25/10
6846 Relating to enhanced 911 emergency communications services. Signed 04/13/10
6855 Relating to exempting community centers from property taxation and imposing leasehold excise taxes on such property. Signed 04/01/10
6870 Relating to containing costs for services to sexually violent predators. Signed 04/23/10
6872 Relating to medicaid nursing facility payments. Signed/Partial Veto 05/04/10
6884 Relating to the practice of counseling. Signed 04/13/10
6889 Relating to the governance and financing of the Washington state convention and trade center. Signed 04/09/10
6892 Relating to establishing a temporary penalty and interest waiver program for certain penalties and interest on delinquent state and local sales and use taxes, state business and occupation taxes, and state public utility taxes. Signed 12/11/2010
6893 Relating to the suspension of the child support pass through. Signed 12/11/2010