2004 State of Salmon in Watersheds Report

Salmon in Washington are in trouble. Since the federal government listed the first salmon in 1991, thirteen more salmon species have been added and another is proposed for listing by next year.

The 2004 State of Salmon in Watersheds looks at what we have done to recover these fish and what progress we have made. It offers a view of current conditions in each of the salmon recovery regions preparing regional salmon recovery plans. And, the "Dozen Dials" are updated to reflect progress made in conditions these high-level indicators track.

This 2004 publication may be downloaded in eight parts:

Habitat Ratings by WRIA for the State of Salmon Report — August 2004 (Excel)

This Excel spreadsheet provides background data and methods for the habitat ratings found in the State of Salmon Report.

2004 Washington Salmon and Steelhead Abundance Index (PDF)

This PDF report by Bruce Crawford (Salmon Recovery Funding Board) and Greg Volkhardt (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife) provides background methods and data for the spawner abundance and juvenile salmon freshwater production.

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