Washington Recovery Plan Outline endorsed by NOAA-Fisheries

Governor Locke received a letter from NOAA-F Regional Administrator Robert Lohn endorsing Washington's Outline for Salmon Recovery Plans. This outline was developed under the leadership of the Department of Fish and Wildlife in close collaboration with GSRO, NOAA-F, USFWS, state agencies, and tribes. It is consistent with guidance previously given to the Power Council by NOAA-F so that sub-basin plans may be incorporated into our larger recovery plans. And, the Outline is the basis for the planning grants the SRFB has given to regional recovery organizations. We are the first state to receive such an endorsement.

Measuring Success in Recovering Salmon and Maintaining Healthy Watersheds

Demonstrating Progress (2002)

When the Statewide Strategy to Recover Salmon: Extinction is Not an Option was published in 1999, state agencies agreed to measure progress towards achieving the goals they set. These "Dozen Dials" are a quick snapshot of what is happening.

Washington's Statewide Monitoring Strategy


The 2001 Washington State Legislature passed Substitute Senate Bill 5637 (PDF format - requires Adobe Reader) requiring the development of a comprehensive strategy and action plan for measuring our success in recovering salmon and maintaining watershed health. Those involved in salmon recovery efforts often refer to this type of measuring as "monitoring."

Monitoring is a required element of any salmon recovery plan submitted to the federal government for approval. While numerous agencies and citizen organizations are engaged in monitoring a wide range of salmon recovery activities, there is a greater need for coordination of these efforts.

The Scope:

The monitoring strategy was delivered to the Legislature in December 2002. It included the following:
  • Recommendations on what should be measured, how often, when, where and by whom.
  • Recommendations for ways to ensure that the trends observed in salmon populations and watershed health are incorporated into the management decisions of state agencies.
  • Recommendations for ways that government could be organized to help implement the strategy for measuring salmon recovery and watershed health.

Monitoring Oversight Committee:

A Monitoring Oversight Committee (PDF format - requires Adobe Reader) has been established. It is co-chaired by the director of the Governor's Salmon Recovery Office and chair of the Salmon Recovery Funding Board. The directors of eight state agencies are members, and the treaty tribes are also invited to participate. Other state, federal and local entities are being invited as appropriate. The committee is required to consult with watershed planning groups and others.

Independent Science Panel:

The Independent Science Panel (ISP) recommended the state develop a coordinated monitoring strategy and action plan to meet salmon recovery goals and objectives. The ISP will advise the oversight committee, review all work products, and make recommendations to the committee co-chairs.

Legislative Oversight:

A bi-partisan legislative steering committee was established. It consists of four legislators - two from the Senate and two from the House of Representatives. The committee will be briefed quarterly on the progress of the Monitoring Oversight Committee.


The Comprehensive Monitoring Strategy and Action Plan (PDF file - Requires Adobe Adobe Reader) were delivered to Governor Locke and appropriate legislative committees in December 2002.

The final report includes the monitoring strategy and an action plan for implementation. It also assesses existing agency operations related to monitoring, evaluation and adaptive management of watershed health and salmon recovery. And it recommends operational or statutory changes and funding necessary to be successful. The recommendations are be based on a goal of fully implementing an enhanced and coordinated monitoring program by June 30, 1997.

Salmon and Watershed Information Management:

Natural Resources Information Portal
The goal of this site is to provide a single place to discover, learn about, and access available salmon and watershed data for Washington State. It's been designed for a wide range of data users including scientists, watershed planners/managers, consultants, and the general public.

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Project Manager Bruce Crawford
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For more information on the Statewide Monitoring Strategy, please visit www.iac.wa.gov/srfb/docs.htm.