News Releases for Social Services

July 8, 2010
Gov. Gregoire lauds Washington’s leadership in volunteering

March 31, 2009
Gov. Gregoire announces appointment of new DSHS secretary

February 2, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on Ron Sims HUD appointment

March 3, 2008
DSHS unit eliminates vocational rehabilitation waiting list

February 12, 2008
State agencies coordinate winter storm recovery efforts in eastern Washington

February 6, 2008
FEMA disaster aid registration deadline tomorrow

January 31, 2008
Washington state employees raise more than $5.5 million for charities in 2007

January 28, 2008
Gov. Gregoire Strengthens Focus and Organization of Storm Relief Efforts

January 17, 2008
Gov. Gregoire Proposes Innovative Partnerships to Train More Registered Nurses

January 14, 2008
Governor Urges Businesses, Citizens to Make Contributions to Flood, Windstorm Victims

January 11, 2008
Gov. Gregoire pleased with emergency, citizen response to tornado

December 21, 2007
Gov. Gregoire announces additional flood disaster declaration for King and Snohomish counties

December 20, 2007
Gov. Gregoire announces appointments to Committee on Disability Issues and Employment

December 18, 2007
Building a Better Future for Washington Families: Gov. Gregoire Grows Savings, Increases Safety in 2008 Supplemental Budget

December 17, 2007
Gov. Gregoire, legislative leaders invest to increase housing security

December 13, 2007
Gov. Gregoire praises quick action on flood damage response and recovery

November 16, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Eastern Washington Advisory Council

October 19, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Literacy Grants for Washington Families

July 16, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces WorkFirst Successful in Helping More Families Break the Cycle of Poverty

July 5, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Washington Awarded $2.9 Million Bonus for Reducing Food Stamp Errors

July 3, 2007
Governor Gregoire Encourages State Agencies to Promote Voter Registration

May 18, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces AmeriCorps Expansion

May 15, 2007
Making Changes Families Can Count On: Governor Gregoire Signs Budget to Invest in Education, Health Care and Jobs for Washington

May 11, 2007
Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Protect Children and Support Families

May 4, 2007
Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Support Foster Youth

April 22, 2007
Making Changes Families Can Count On
Governor Gregoire and Legislature Focus on Education, Demand Accountability and Results

March 5, 2007
Governor Gregoire Sues Federal Government to Protect the Rights of Newborns

January 26, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces “Remarkable Strides” to Improve Child Safety and Well-Being

January 17, 2007
Governor Gregoire Unveils Next Washington Economic Strategy

January 15, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces $19.7 Million Federal Grant to Help People on the “Road to Independence”

December 19, 2006
Making Changes Families Can Count On: Governor Gregoire Makes Education Top Priority, Demands Accountability and Results

November 28, 2006
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Closure of TransAlta Centralia Mining Operations

November 2, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces $315 Million in Savings For Employers and Workers

October 12, 2006
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Closure of Leavenworth Wood Products

October 4, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces $1.2 Million Bonus for State Efforts to Address Hunger

August 15, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Colleges to Offer Opportunity Grants to Low-Income Adults

June 21, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Grants to Washington Child Care Facilities

April 8, 2006
State Parks Now Accessible for All Washingtonians

March 27, 2006
Governor Gregoire Awards $300,000 for Workforce Development

March 15, 2006
Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation Providing Collective Bargaining for Family Child Care Providers

March 9, 2006
Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Help Families With Children’s Medical Coverage

February 17, 2006
DSHS, Pharmacists Working on New Process to Pay Medicaid Clients’ New Federal Fees

January 12, 2006
Governor Gregoire: Help is On the Way for Home Heating

December 2, 2005
Gov. Gregoire to Congressional Delegation: Help Preserve Housing for Katrina, Rita Evacuees