News Releases for Transportation

November 1, 2012
Gov. Gregoire, union leadership issue statement following meeting on Washington State Ferries

October 26, 2012
Gov. Gregoire, Coast Guard sign agreement to prevent, prepare for oil and other hazardous spills

December 7, 2011
Columbia River Crossing Takes Major Step Forward

August 16, 2011
Gregoire’s statement about Referendum 1 approval

July 5, 2011
Gregoire announces appointments to Connecting Washington Task Force

May 16, 2011
Gov. Gregoire signs transportation budget

April 25, 2011
Governors Gregoire, Kitzhaber announce plan to deliver Columbia River Crossing project

March 31, 2011
Coalition makes case to replace viaduct

March 4, 2011
Gregoire, maritime labor unions reach tentative agreement

February 28, 2011
Governor’s statement about Seattle City Council vote

February 27, 2011
Agreements secure $590 million in federal passenger rail funding for Washington state

February 7, 2011
Gregoire releases statement about Seattle City Council’s viaduct vote

January 6, 2011
Offering innovative solutions, Gregoire proposes creation of regional ferry district, consolidation of state information services

August 2, 2010
Governor Gregoire praises Seattle City Council for approving resolution to move State Route 99 bored tunnel forward

July 30, 2010
Governors Receive Independent Report on Columbia River Crossing Project

July 26, 2010
Governor Gregoire praises Seattle City Council for introducing resolution to move SR 99 bored tunnel forward

June 28, 2010
Gov. Gregoire announces plan to launch nation’s first electric highway

April 15, 2010
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on City of Seattle’s comments on SR 520 replacement

April 13, 2010
Governors Gregoire and Kulongoski Announce Independent Panel to Review Columbia River Crossing Project

March 30, 2010
Gov. Gregoire signs transportation budget and measures to move forward on 520

March 17, 2010
Gov. Gregoire announces members of Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement project oversight committee

January 28, 2010
Gov. Gregoire unveils $590 million grant to Washington for high speed intercity passenger rail

January 14, 2010
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on Seattle seawall replacement

November 19, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on death of Transportation Department worker

November 17, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on SR 520 replacement draft recommendation

October 29, 2009
Gov. Gregoire highlights Recovery Act projects

October 24, 2009
Gov. Gregoire, Seattle Mayor Nickels sign agreement to replace Alaskan Way Viaduct with bored tunnel

October 9, 2009
Gov. Gregoire, Premier Campbell celebrate Amtrak Cascades second train service to Vancouver, B.C.

September 16, 2009
Washington seeks Recovery Act TIGER grants for three high priority projects

August 24, 2009
Washington applies for nearly $435 million in ARRA High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail grants

July 15, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on ferry funding

July 6, 2009
Gov. Gregoire celebrates Bremerton tunnel opening

July 6, 2009
Gov. Gregoire welcomes U.S. Transportation secretary to Washington

June 5, 2009
Gov. Gregoire, Secretary Hammond announce that lower construction bids result in more transportation projects in the state

May 27, 2009
Gov. Gregoire, Sec. Hammond announce federal recovery awards for transportation paving projects

May 19, 2009
Gov. Gregoire announces federal recovery transportation contract award

May 15, 2009
Gov. Gregoire announces recovery funding contract to pave I-5 in Lewis County

May 14, 2009
Gov. Gregoire announces contracts for resurfacing projects in the Columbia Basin and Okanogan

May 13, 2009
Gov. Gregoire's signs historic transportation budget

May 4, 2009
WSDOT awards stimulus funds for paving project between Moses Lake and Ephrata

April 30, 2009
Gov. Gregoire, WSDOT Secretary Hammond announce first ground breaking with recovery act funding

April 25, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on passage of transportation budget

April 24, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on SR 520 legislation

April 24, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on Senate approval for Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement

April 23, 2009
Gov. Gregoire's statement on Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement approval

April 16, 2009
Gov. Gregoire, Gov. Kulongoski applaud Obama administration on high speed rail federal funding

April 10, 2009
Gov. Gregoire approves 71 transportation projects for federal stimulus funding

April 6, 2009
Gov. Gregoire, Sec. Hammond announce recovery funds contract to preserve US 101, SR 103

April 3, 2009
WSDOT awards I-90 paving projects to Columbia Asphalt & Gravel

March 9, 2009
Gov. Gregoire and WSDOT announces first advertisements for transportation contracts in Kittitas, Pacific counties

March 5, 2009
Gov. Gregoire signs transportation stimulus bill

March 4, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on House and Senate passage of transportation stimulus bill

January 28, 2009
Gov. Gregoire’s statement on the SR 520 tolling implementation report

January 10, 2009
Gov. Gregoire's statement on expanding emergency declaration

January 8, 2009
State response to storms continues

January 7, 2009
State agencies responding to weather emergencies

January 6, 2009
More severe weather coming throughout the state

December 24, 2008
Governor Gregoire Proclaims Statewide Emergency for Winter Storms

December 2, 2008
Gov. Gregoire meets with President-elect Obama and fellow governors on economic stimulus

November 20, 2008
Gov. Gregoire celebrates opening of new runway

November 1, 2008
Gov. Gregoire statement on agreement between Boeing and Machinists' Union

September 18, 2008
Gov. Gregoire opens SR 202 doubling traffic capacity

April 28, 2008
Gov. Gregoire announces solution for long-term Port Townsend/Keystone ferry service

April 3, 2008
Gov. Gregoire announces drop in fatality rates on Washington roads

March 31, 2008
Gov. Gregoire signs bill to fund new, safer 520 bridge

March 25, 2008
Gov. Gregoire signs transportation budget

March 3, 2008
Gov. Gregoire speeds up replacement of SR 520 bridge by four years

February 24, 2008
Gov. Gregoire co-chairs key meeting on future of U.S. transportation system

February 14, 2008
Governor Gregoire signs legislation authorizing new ferry construction

January 31, 2008
Gov. Gregoire proclaims State of Emergency due to repeated winter storm blasts

January 24, 2008
Gov. Gregoire Statement on Real ID Extension

January 18, 2008
Washington and Oregon Governors make Bi-State Commitment to Replace I-5 Bridges

January 16, 2008
Gov. Gregoire’s Statement on 787 Dreamliner Delay

January 10, 2008
Gov. Gregoire announces funding proposal to replace 520 Evergreen Point Bridge

January 2, 2008
Gov. Gregoire praises lawsuit challenging Bush Administration on global warming

December 18, 2007
Building a Better Future for Washington Families: Gov. Gregoire Grows Savings, Increases Safety in 2008 Supplemental Budget

December 13, 2007
Governor Gregoire invests for safer, more efficient ferry system

November 16, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Appointment to Transportation Commission

November 16, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Eastern Washington Advisory Council

November 12, 2007
Governor Gregoire Urges Action on SR 520

November 7, 2007
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Roads-Transit Plan

November 5, 2007
Governor Gregoire Swears in Paula Hammond as First Female Washington Secretary of Transportation

October 8, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Safety Improvements on US 2 in Snohomish County

August 14, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Executive Director of the Puget Sound Partnership

August 10, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Appointments to Aviation Planning Council

August 2, 2007
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Minnesota Bridge Tragedy

July 20, 2007
Governor Gregoire Appoints Interim Transportation Secretary

July 9, 2007
Governor Gregoire Takes Inaugural Flight on Aeroméxico

July 3, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Next Step to Secure New Ferries

July 2, 2007
Governor Gregoire Directs Concrete Barriers to be Installed on I-5 Near Marysville

June 25, 2007
Governor Gregoire Appoints Mediators for SR 520 Project

June 22, 2007
Statement from Governor Gregoire on I-405 Worker Fatality

June 8, 2007
Governor Gregoire, Premier Campbell Sign Agreement on Climate Change

June 6, 2007
Governor Gregoire Discusses Trip to Alaska to Meet with Governor Sarah Palin, Upcoming Joint Cabinet Meeting with British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell

May 15, 2007
Making Changes Families Can Count On: Governor Gregoire Signs Budget to Invest in Education, Health Care and Jobs for Washington

April 27, 2007
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Transportation Secretary MacDonald’s Plans to Leave WSDOT

April 22, 2007
Making Changes Families Can Count On
Governor Gregoire and Legislature Focus on Education, Demand Accountability and Results

March 27, 2007
Governor Gregoire Responds to Senate Transportation Budget Proposal

March 19, 2007
Governor Gregoire Responds to House Transportation Budget Proposal

March 14, 2007
Governor Gregoire, Mayor Nickels, Executive Sims Send Letter to Seattle Legislative Delegation, Seattle City Council and King County Council

February 22, 2007
Governor Gregoire Announces Partnership to Repair December Windstorm-Damaged Public Facilities

February 13, 2007
Statement from Governor Gregoire Regarding WSDOT Hybrid Tunnel Review

February 8, 2007
Governor Gregoire, Watco Sign Railroad Purchase Agreement

January 23, 2007
Governor Gregoire Receives Final Report of the Regional Transportation Commission

January 19, 2007
Statement from Governor Gregoire on the Actions of the Seattle City Council

January 18, 2007
Governor Gregoire Unveils Next Washington Plan for Container Ports

January 17, 2007
Governor Gregoire Unveils Next Washington Economic Strategy

December 19, 2006
Making Changes Families Can Count On: Governor Gregoire Makes Education Top Priority, Demands Accountability and Results

December 15, 2006
Governor Gregoire Outlines a Path Forward to Replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct and 520 Bridge

November 27, 2006
Washington to Receive $1 Million from USDOT to Repair Damaged Roads and Bridges

November 13, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Project to Keep Washington/B.C. Border Crossing Moving

September 5, 2006
Governor Gregoire Holds Media Availability; Addresses Wildfires, Pharmacy Board, Expert Review Panel

August 14, 2006
Governor Gregoire, Local and Tribal Officials Sign Tse-whit-zen Accord

June 22, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Kitsap County Appointee to Regional Transportation Commission

June 8, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Citizen Transportation Advisory Committees to Get Washington Moving

June 7, 2006
Joint Statement Regarding Letter From Puget Sound Transit Agencies

March 29, 2006
Governor Gregoire Signs Bill to Investigate Regional Solutions to Large Transportation Needs

March 7, 2006
Joint Statement Regarding the Regional Transportation Investment District

February 3, 2006
Governor Gregoire Expands Emergency Proclamation for Road Damages

December 6, 2005
Gov. Gregoire Annouces Nickel Package Projects Completed on Time