News Releases Archive

August 2, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Recipients of Local Economic Development Investments

August 3, 2006
Governor Gregoire: Washington to Provide U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

August 4, 2006
Governor Gregoire Invites North King and Snohomish County Residents to Share Their Thoughts on the Issues Most Important to Them, to Their Community and Washington

August 7, 2006
Governor Gregoire Appointed to Chair of Education, Early Education and Workforce Committee

August 9, 2006
Governor Gregoire Meets with Sonics and Storm Owner Clay Bennett

August 14, 2006
Governor Gregoire, Local and Tribal Officials Sign Tse-whit-zen Accord

August 14, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Community Development Awards to Okanogan, South Bend

August 15, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Colleges to Offer Opportunity Grants to Low-Income Adults

August 16, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Call for Proposals to Improve Health Care in Washington

August 18, 2006
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Layoffs at Tyson Wallula Plant

August 22, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Director of New Washington Department of Early Learning

August 23, 2006
Governor Gregoire Proclaims Statewide Emergency Due to Wildfire Threat

August 25, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Department of Printing, Boards and Commissions Appointments

August 29, 2006
Governor Gregoire Proposes New Rule to Washington Pharmacy Board

August 30, 2006
Governor Gregoire Calls for Public Input to Protect Roadless Areas in National Forests

August 30, 2006
Governor Gregoire Announces Washington Smoking Rate Drops to 5th Lowest in Nation

August 31, 2006
Statement from Governor Gregoire on Washington Board of Pharmacy Rules