Digital Archives Change Log

October 2017

  • Added Collection Highlights to Keyword Search

July 2017

  • Online Document Certification
  • Search does not work if browse is done first
  • Users will get 'No items were selected' after selecting the same case files to order
  • Detailed search results clear when switching from one record series to another
  • Case sub gets appended on to the shopping cart description​​
  • Minutes and meeting records autocomplete year field and also gets a placeholder
  • Stats on home page now include archived sites
  • Soundex search has been fixed

March 2017

  • Print all pages of multipage document with PDF version
  • Fixed room reservation email on reserving a classroom page
  • Detail search returns 5,000 records instead of 1,000
  • Added legacy lab picture
  • Created a histogram for record distribution by year

November 2016

  • Missing Border around Images in the Census Collection
  • Update wording in ecommerce emails
  • Add wording on the Billing address page
  • Olmsted name search not working on home page
  • Remove born digital from keyword search on home page
  • Keyword photograph search on main page

August 2016

  • Photograph collection search returns at most 5000 records
  • Do not save credit card number or security code in browser’s auto-complete feature
  • Use HTML5 to play audio instead of Silverlight
  • Made People and Photographer searches behave like Person, place or thing search and added wildcard (*) to these searches
  • On photograph record page, the index terms, photographer and people are clickable to search those phrases
  • Can browse Olmsted records

May 2016

  • CCV for Credit Cards
  • Browse Miscellaneous Family History
  • Show first name of child for birth searches
  • Updated Services Tab
  • Added Collection Highlight URL

March 2016

  • Sort issue numbers correctly for Local EPubs searches
  • First name is returned for birth searches
  • Add all checkbox when ordering
  • Select certified or downloadable for items being added to the checkout cart
  • Person A and B in metadata before equality act should be bride and groom

January 2016

  • Handle error when changing title before clicking next when browsing photos
  • Browse Auditor Misc. Records now actually returns records

October 2015

  • Increased the number of search results from 1,000 to 5,000 records
  • Added title to keyword search for Maps and Photographs
  • Change the color when clicking on menu tabs

July 2015

  • Fixed sorting of Document Number search results for Ordinances and Resolutions
  • Link photo back to meta data
  • Display notice that search retrieval only brings back first 1,000 results
  • Replaced Djvu viewer with JPegs

April 2015

  • Handle keyword searches with three spaces or an appended ampersand (i.e. john& smith)

February 2015

  • Validation error with 'Year To' field in Detailed Searches
  • Detail Search on Audio Record Series not returning expected result sets.
  • Make Date Range Not Required on Audit Reports Detailed Search
  • Date is not sorting correctly for audit report search results
  • Remove Google Analytics from Governor Gregoire Website
  • Add scribe link to home page
  • Add Family Tree Magazine Best Websites for USA Genealogy

December 2014

  • Date Range is not required on Detailed Audit Report Searches
  • Added Scribe link to home page
  • Added Family Tree 2014 Award

October 2014

  • Added Superior Court Case Description to Cart
  • Fixed Case Type for Frontier Justice Search
  • Use Person A and B on Detail Page for Marriage Equality Act
  • Fixed MiddleName to be Middle Name on Order Page
  • Added Family Tree 2014 Award
  • Updated Order Email to say 72 instead of 48 Hours
  • Fixed Superior Court Cases to be added to Cart from Multiple Pages
  • Created Landing Page for
  • Added "nofollow" for Robots on Searches

August 2014

  • Added redirect for
  • Fixed links in order emails
  • Audit reports support keyword search over text in the PDF’s

July 2014

  • Show a database timeout error message
  • Created the Olmsted collection
  • Adding multiple Superior Court Records to the shopping cart is supported

May 2014

  • Revised the columns that are returned for Local Government Agencies Publication searches

March 2014

  • Marriage Equality Act
  • Audio is downloadable
  • Can browse Local Government Agency Publications
  • Searching with leading white space no longer causes an error
  • Fixed filtering for Count list when searching Superior Court Records

December 2013

  • Added Support for Local Government Agency Publications
  • Changed Audio Records to Allow MP3 Format
  • Modified Searches to Support the Marriage Equality Act
  • Added Help to the End of the Order Process
  • Display a Credit Card Error Message rather than a Generic Error Message during Order Process
  • Modified Search Criteria for Resolution Searches

October 2013

  • Added Audit Reports to Detailed Search
  • Format DACS Titles with Commas
  • Modified Detailed Search Interface for Ordinances
  • Added 2013 Family Tree Magazine Award
  • Changed Death Location to Last Residence for Social Security Death Index Records
  • Fixed Printing a Jpeg so that it is on One Page

July 2013

  • Removed WCF
  • Updated to Twitter API Version 1.1
  • Renamed 'E-Publication Records' Collection to 'Publications, State Government Agencies'
  • Moved FAQ under the 'About us' Menu
  • Added Notes from Titles to the Fields that are searched using the Collections Search

May 2013

  • Removed LOC Reference
  • Updated Volunteer Coordinator Contact Information

February 2013

  • Added Videos to About us page.
  • Updated FAQ page.
  • Added 2012 Family Tree Magazine award.
  • Updated Digital Archives Policies page.
  • Added Governor Elect Web Sites to Home page.
  • Changed Record Series to Collections in Searches on Home page.
  • Replaced Facebook Share buttons with Like buttons.

November 2012

  • Implemented Search Capability on the Collections Page.
  • Accommodate Future Years for Credit Card Transactions.
  • Renamed Record Series from Minutes Records to Minutes and Meeting Records.
  • Support Describing Archives : A Content Standard (DACS) for Descriptive Information of Collections.

August 2012

  • Ordered Superior Court Search Results by Case Number and Case Sub.
  • Modified Detailed Superior Count Search to Group Results by Title Name.
  • Changed the Text of the "Transferring Records" Page under the Services Tab.
  • Updated the Estimated Download Time for Photographs to Show Cable and DSL.

May 2, 2012

  • Updated FAQ page.
  • Modified minute search to open calendar via a button.
  • Moved search criteria to top when searching by title on collection search page.
  • Replaced "Collections Coming Soon" with "Recently Added Collections" on the home page.
  • Changed link for DjVu plug-in to download from the server.
  • Added ability to go to next or previous record for Indian Census records.
  • Administrative History, Finding Aids and Notes files are displayed on Title pages if they exist.

August 10, 2011

  • Audio source field now automatically filters to the selected Title.
  • Search page performance increased.
  • News page performance increased.

June 1, 2011

  • Enhanced layout and search capabilities on the home page.
  • Collections page user interface updated for cleaner and more intuitive interactions.
  • Updated audio search with improved cross browser compatibility.
  • Search page interactions faster and more fluid.
  • Search results can now be opened in a new window or tab without leaving the search page.
  • 'My Recent Searches' menu now allows you to select recent searches directly from the menu drop down.
  • News page archives past articles by year.
  • Records can now be shared on Facebook.
  • Additional metrics displayed: Records added in the last 30 days, and search time.
  • Look and feel of header, menu and footer adjusted to match Secretary of State website branding

April 5, 2011

  • Adjusted the Clerk of Court Record Series ordering logic.

December 28, 2010

  • Fixed a bug with column sorting of search results.

December 9, 2010

  • Added Twitter feed to home page.
  • Adjusted Corporations Records searches.
  • Conference Room page updated.
  • Added the Donations page.
  • E-Publications search screen now allows longer Publication Titles.

October 7, 2010

  • Added Indian Census Record Series.
  • Fixed a UI bug in record comments.
  • Updated collections page to automatically collapse long Record Series descriptions.

February 26, 2010

  • Updated website sitemap.
  • Added Title Introductions to "View Record" page.
  • Improved javascript performance.
  • Updated collections page to make entire title row clickable.
  • Updated various Secretary of State links to reflect domain name change.
  • Added estimated download time for E-publications Record Series.
  • Updated website logo.

January 22, 2010

  • Updated menu with new content regarding Digital Archives Services.
  • Updated footer to reflect new menu options.

November 30, 2009

  • Added a Printer-Friendly view for the "View Record."
  • Bug fix: An issue with E-Publication Records with PDFs over 200MB has been resolved.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when sorting search results.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when submitting comments.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug when paging through search results of multiple record series.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a paging bug with the Audio Record Series that could cause timeouts on large search results.
  • Improved performance on Audio Search Results.
  • Search page UI update on drop down boxes.
  • Updated Clerk of Court name search link.
  • Updated directions on the Contact-Us page.
  • Updated E-Mail address for Imaging Services.
  • Updated E-Mail address for Records Management.
  • Updated invalid links.
  • Updated link to eRecords Management to direct to the State E-Records Management site.
  • Updated the News section UI.
  • Updated the Record Series Manuals.
  • Updated UI for Checkout page to reflect accepted credit cards.
  • Updated UI for record meta-data to preserve formatting when copying/pasting content.

August 24, 2009

  • Added 2009 Family Tree Magazine award.
  • Added additional record series manuals.
  • Collections page UI update.
  • Minor E-Commerce UI update.
  • Fee Schedule page removed.
  • Send comment page UI update.
  • Survey: added choices for local, state, and federal government users.
  • Updated phone contact list.
  • Bug fix: Search page collapsing panel script has been fixed.
  • User session timeout extended.

April 21, 2009

  • "Add to shopping cart" section has been redesigned.
  • American Express credit cards are now accepted.
  • Bug fix: Search results grid had a bug that could cause an error when paging through the results.
  • Certain non-certified document orders can now be fulfilled online.
  • E-publications can now be searched via the Keyword search tab on the home page.
  • "Featured Collections" section has been expanded
  • Footer links have been expanded.
  • Menu bar has been redesigned for increased compatibility.
  • News RSS feed added.
  • Photograph search results interface has been updated.
  • Photographs and Audio collections are now browsable.
  • Questions and comments submission page has been redesigned.
  • Right-hand column on the homepage has been redesigned.
  • The Privacy policy has been updated to address the use of cookies.
  • The User manual for the "Resolution" record series has been added.

February 3, 2009

  • The "Ask an Archivist" feature is now available to help answer your research questions.
  • The audio player UI has been updated.
  • Records with attached images now display the file size for each attachment.
  • The graphics for the menu bar have been redesigned.
  • The footer for the website has been redesigned.
  • Some formatting has been redesigned to improve cross browser compatibility.

November 20, 2008

  • The loading screen has been improved to better support smaller screens.
  • Additional search fields have been added to the collections search page.
  • Search parameters are now preserved between searches to further streamline the search process.
  • An issue was fixed that caused an error when two invalid dates were entered in a detailed search for 'Minute Records'.
  • An issue was fixed that caused long collection title names to overlap the text box.

October 30, 2008

  • The Audio Record Series is now online.

October 21, 2008

  • The search results page for the Photographs Record Series now contains a drop down list that lets you jump to a specific page in the search results.
  • Minutes/Resolutions/Ordinance Record Series was split into three separate record series.

October 13, 2008

  • An issue was fixed that prevented certain versions of Firefox from being automatically redirected to the shopping cart after clicking the button to add an item.

September 22, 2008

  • An issue was fixed with the loading screen that caused it to not display properly in Opera and Safari.
  • An issue was fixed that caused the loading screen to not show when "show all records" was clicked for some rows in the basic search results page.
  • An issue was fixed that caused the title names to appear behind the grayed out loading screen when "show all records" was clicked.
  • An issue was fixed that caused the shopping cart to be formatted incorrectly in Internet Explorer 6.0.
  • An image map was added to the Digital Archives logo image. Clicking on the phrase "About the Digital Archives" now sends the user to the "about" page while clicking elsewhere returns the user to the home page.
  • A link to "" was added to the "genealogy related links" page.
  • Search history functionality has been implemented. This allows previous searches to remain cached so that the user can re-visit searches via the browser's back button.
  • Clicked links now remain highlighted in cached searches that are accessed via the browser's back button or the "My Recent Searches" page.