Governor Gary Locke’s Remarks
Digital Learning Commons Tour—Poulsbo
February 11, 2004

Good afternoon. Thank you for coming today. It’s great to be here at North Kitsap High School.

As I have often stated, education is my top long-term priority. A world-class education system is the key to our future. The Digital Learning Commons is an important step in the pursuit of this vision.

It reflects our commitment to a simple proposition: equality in opportunity. We want every student in our state to have access to great courses in whatever subject they wish to pursue. We want every student to have access to great resources to enrich their classroom education and great tools to help them plan their careers and pursue a college education. Every student — regardless of location, regardless of background, regardless of district resources.

By actively participating in the “proof of concept phase,” the students, educators and parents here at North Kitsap High School, North Kitsap PAL and Spectrun are helping to blaze the trail for the entire state of Washington. You are true pioneers.

So I am very excited to see the Digital Learning Commons in action. We want to learn: what works well, what could be improved, what should be added. In short, how can we create the nation’s best vehicle for delivering educational resources to our students, educators and parents over the Internet?

Thank you.

Access Washington