Governor Gary Locke’s Remarks
George Washington Exhibition Reception
March 26, 2003

Good afternoon, and welcome to the Mansion. It is a pleasure to host Ms. Carolyn Carr of the Smithsonian Institution, and Ms. Mimi Gates of the Seattle Arts Museum.

One of the privileges of living here is the history that surrounds us. We are reminded in every room of our stateís rich history and heritage.

But today the many interesting and splendid artifacts that grace our surroundings are upstaged. We are humbled and deeply honored to have this opportunity to view this famous portrait. George Washington has unique and special significance here in his namesake state. His image is on our flag, and his name is a part of our lives.

As we view this portrait, we know that the painter was within a few feet of President Washington. The artist painted from life, studying Washington closely for hours as he undertook the task of immortalizing him on canvas. We know that each stroke reflects a detail personally observed.

I want to thank the Smithsonian and the Seattle Art Museum for presenting us all with the gift of this experience. And for sharing the same gift with so many others around our state.

This is the last stop of a three-day bus tour organized by the Museum. This tour has given people outside of Seattle an opportunity to see the portrait and to learn more about it. It has given our citizens a chance to imagine life during this amazing period in our countryís history.

Today we proudly join the Smithsonianís National Portrait Gallery and the Seattle Art Museum in its celebration of the life and legacy of our stateís namesake and our nationís first president.

In recognition of the excellence of the education materials and programs developed by the Smithsonian and the Seattle Art Museum for the citizens of our state, I have officially proclaimed March 26th as George Washington Education Day.

And now I would like to introduce Dr. Carolyn Carr, Deputy Director and Chief Curator of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.

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