Governor Gary Locke’s Remarks
Fairchild Air Force Base News Conference Remarks
September 11, 2002

Good afternoon. It’s a privilege to be here, and an honor to be joined by Colonel Fullhart.

This has been a day of reflection and intense emotion. Standing here at Fairchild, it’s important to remember that September 11th was a day of many heroes.

We will never forget the heroism of the victims and survivors, and their families and friends.

We will never forget the heroism of police officers, firefighters, rescue workers and others.

We will never forget the heroism of those passengers on Flight 93, and the two simple words: “Let’s roll.”

These images and memories form a legacy of heroism that lives on and inspires us today.

Our own sense of duty and heroism was revitalized that day. Inside each of us, something changed. We became just a little better Americans. A spark of humble heroism was ignited in us.

There have been some among us who have nurtured that spark of heroism into a healthy flame of civic altruism. People who are everyday heroes. At today’s remembrance event at Westlake Center in Seattle, we were honored to be joined by representatives of each of our state’s 39 counties. These people were chosen by their respective counties because they are everyday heroes.

Colonel Randal Fullhart was Spokane County’s representative today. This county, this city, and our state are extremely proud of Colonel Fullhart. Colonel Fullhart’s selection was especially appropriate given the key role that our military play in keeping our country and our people safe and secure. Our nation’s military personnel are all everyday heroes.

These men and women preserve and protect our freedom and the freedom of others around the world. They work hard and make sacrifices. Their families make sacrifices. Today we salute these everyday heroes.

I have the honor of speaking at the community-wide event at Spokane County Fairgrounds tonight, and hope to see you there.

Thanks—now I’ll open it up for questions.

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