Governor Gary Locke’s Remarks
Governor’s Awards for Pollution Prevention & Sustainable Practices
September 18, 2002

Thank you, Tom. Good afternoon—it’s great to be here.

We are brought together by an intense, common interest.

It’s called the future.

We are here today to recognize your achievements in leading this state by shaping the future we want.

It is a future in which our children enjoy the same high quality of life that we enjoy.

A future in which they pass that same high quality of life on to their own children.

I have come from a meeting of the Sustainable Washington Advisory Panel, and a press conference at which I signed an executive order.

That executive order titled “Sustainable Practices by State Agencies” directs all state agencies to work together in making Washington’s resources and quality of life sustainable.

The order calls for an ongoing commitment by state agencies just as you have done.

We must be guided by principles of sustainability—for our environment, for our economy, and for our communities—in all our operations.

It’s especially gratifying to round out the afternoon by celebrating your accomplishments.

Today we recognize your achievements in pollution prevention and sustainable business practices.

These awards reflect the critical partnership between business and government.

This partnership is vitally important in responding to environmental challenges today—and in taking responsibility for tomorrow.

Today’s award winners have shown outstanding achievement in four key areas:

· Maximizing the efficiency of energy and water use

· Shifting to clean energy – energy generated from renewable resources

· Shifting to non-toxic, recycled and remanufactured materials

· And reducing or eliminating waste.

I congratulate today’s winners.

You are leaders.

You are role models.

You’ve shown that it is possible for a successful business to be responsible about resources and waste.

You’ve shown we can use our resources more efficiently.

We can protect our citizens and our environment from pollution by not creating pollution in the first place.

You’ve shown we can do this and still have a competitive bottom-line.

Our next step, together, is to show that this is not just possible, but imperative.

Thank you for your vital environmental ethic, and your dedication to our communities.

On behalf of the people of Washington, I ask you to continue your good work, to continue being creative leaders and good neighbors, and to continue lighting the way to a bright future for our state.

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