Governor Gary Locke’s Remarks
Tourism Roundtable, Korea
July 22, 2002

Good afternoon, and thank you. I am always pleased to talk about the attractions of Washington State.

Tourism is a very significant and dynamic industry in Washington State—a $3.2 billion industry that supports 156,000 jobs.

We often hear from visitors to our state that it’s one of the most beautiful spots on earth. The diverse Washington landscape features fertile agricultural valleys, rugged mountains, alpine forests, rich wine country and vast ocean beaches.

This diverse geography makes many recreational activities possible. These include salmon fishing and clam digging, white water rafting and mountain climbing, biking and windsurfing, water-skiing and snow skiing, hiking through picturesque parks and running along lakeside jogging paths.

For the less athletically inclined, try wine tasting at our internationally recognized wineries, or a quiet walk along some of the many miles of beautiful, unspoiled ocean beaches.

Besides the natural beauty of the state, there are both quaint towns and thriving metropolitan areas. Our cities of Seattle and Spokane are known for their diverse visitor activities. Seattle offers great metropolitan appeal, with a renowned art and music scene, contemporary and classic theater, and professional sports, like the Seattle Mariners. Of course, one of our favorite visitors from Korea is Shin-Soo Choo, one of the Mariner’s top prospects!

Many of our visitors are impressed by feats of industry and human ingenuity. Just north of Seattle, a factory tour of Boeing allows you to watch as 747 airplanes are assembled. On the east side of the state, see Grand Coulee Dam, one of the world’s biggest concrete dams and a prime source of hydroelectric power.

Natural beauty, variety, recreation, and very friendly people—this is what you will find when you visit our state. We invite and welcome you to visit our state and see for yourself!

I appreciate this opportunity to talk about one of my favorite subjects, and I thank you for your time and consideration.

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