Governor Gary Locke’s Remarks
WSA's 7th Annual Industry Achievement Awards
February 7, 2002

Happy Technology Innovators Day! Who could have ever predicted…!

The technology industry is tremendously important to Washington state and is creating terrific opportunities for our citizens. And it is our largest, fastest-growing and highest-paying sector. I’m very honored to join you tonight for WSA’s 7th annual industry achievement awards banquet celebrating Washington companies and government agencies demonstrating excellence and innovation in the technology industry.

The WSA has been enormously effective in helping its members succeed. And that creates more opportunities for our citizens to participate in this exciting industry. As a recognized leader among your peer organizations around the country, WSA is a credit to the state and helps burnish our national “brand.”

Your diversity is amazing – from software to e-business, from Microsoft to the garage-based startup, from Redmond to Satsop to Richland to Spokane. This kind of diversity is the hallmark of a thriving business environment.

I would like to see even more diversity. We need to create more pathways to technology-based employment, beginning earlier with our children, and to further spread the benefits of technology beyond the Puget Sound region.

WSA has been a valued partner with my administration in our technology strategy to:

  • Strengthen our research institutions

  • Build a workforce for the 21st century

  • Expand access to high-speed telecommunications

  • Educate our children for the knowledge-based economy

  • And turn government to face the people through Digital Washington.

WSA co-sponsored and participated in my Technology Workforce Summit, which led to the recent creation of the University of Washington Technology Institute. We need to continue our close working relationship.

We can take great pride in the accomplishments of the high tech sector in our state.

Technology is the engine of growth for our entire state economy. And technology is making every kind of business more competitive – from Weyerhaeuser to Starbucks to the family farm.

Can you imagine a Washington without our technology base? Can you imagine our state, our nation, our world without the benefits of technology? High tech companies have supplied the key ingredients for a better standard of living for people all around the world.

Where would we be without the advancements in technology that allow us to share information almost instantaneously? The United States would resemble a stagnant, recession-prone Rust Belt; education and medical research would be hampered because of lack of access; the explosion of information and knowledge would be a pipe dream.

The people of Washington state and around the globe are proud of, and thankful for, your innovations.

Now, as governor, I have a proclamation to read to you:
WHEREAS, the state of Washington recognizes the vital and dynamic new industries which are emerging around technology as an exciting development which has the potential to change the lives of millions of people; and

WHEREAS, software, Internet and technology industries are major providers of innovative products and services in the state of Washington; and

WHEREAS, the WSA has worked hard to foster the tremendous growth that technology innovation has brought about in the last 18 years; and

WHEREAS, the WSA is celebrating the achievements of technology innovators with their 7th Annual Industry Achievement Awards;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Gary Locke, governor of the state of Washington, do hereby proclaim February 7, 2002, as

Technology Innovators Day

in Washington State, and I urge all citizens to join me in recognizing the important contributions of this dedicated group.

Governor Gary Locke

Again, thanks to the WSA for your leadership and congratulations to the award-winners tonight!

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