Governor Gary Locke’s Remarks
Everett Station Groundbreaking Ceremony
July 13, 2000

Thank you Mayor Hansen for that kind introduction.

It's truly great to be in Everett again. I'm glad to see the many leaders who made this day possible. Snohomish County Executive Bob Drewel, Transportation Secretary Sid Morrison, Federal Transit Administration's Regional Administrator Helen Knoll, Sound Transit Board Chair Dave Earling, and many other distinguished individuals who rolled up their sleeves to create a partnership in transportation, education and career development - all for the benefit of Everett and Snohomish County.

Everett Station is more than federal, state, local and private sector partners coming together to create a new transportation facility for this community. It's about a smart partnership that brings together multiple community activities and services.

Our modern world is so fast-paced, we're forced to multi-task all day long so it only makes sense that our buildings "multi-task," too. This facility will meet all kinds of community needs here in Everett in a way they've never been met before, such as transportation needs, educational needs, career development needs and community needs.

This is a first of its kind event, not just in Everett, but our entire state. This facility will be much greater than the sum of its bricks and mortar, plumbing and wiring, or windows and furniture. It will be a bustling transportation hub for trains, buses, vans, carpools, taxis and airport shuttles and a dynamic higher education center serving students from all the major Washington universities - Western, Central, Eastern, Washington State and the University of Washington.

It will also be the site of WorkSource Everett, for those in the community seeking career development help and a vibrant, active community center that will spur additional development and improvements throughout this sector of the city. And, it will surely serve as a model for future projects as we continue to streamline services to better serve the people of our communities.

You know I'm a true believer and supporter of education, and I'm always enthused about expanding educational opportunities. I am also a big believer in the benefits of a multi-modal transportation system. In transportation, there are no quick-fixes or one-mode-fits-all solutions. We meet our state's transportation needs best by ensuring an integrated, diversified transportation system. And, as such, Everett Station will be an important hub in our state's transportation system.

We often think of transit as an important transportation alternative, which it is. But, in the Central Puget Sound it is much, much more than that. Transit is one of our best tools for curbing traffic congestion on our highways and city streets. In fact, according to the Washington Transportation Alliance, if every person who currently uses transit in the Puget Sound had to get back in his or her own car, we'd have a 350 mile-long bumper-to-bumper traffic jam that would stretch from Everett to Montana. And, that traffic jam would be added to our already congested commutes-every morning and every night as people drove to and from work or tried to.

Everett Station represents a model partnership, and when completed, a model facility. I look forward to that day in December 2001, when we can cut the ribbon and open the doors to Everett Station: a center of mobility, learning, promise and opportunity.

Thank you very much.
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