Governor Gary Locke’s Remarks
Marshall Lecture
June 2, 2000

On behalf of all of us who live in the great state of Washington, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the members of the Greatest Generation – to those who are visiting beautiful southwest Washington for this very special event – and to those who call Clark County home. Welcome. And greetings to all of you who came before and after the greatest generation, to our students in attendance, and to the many school children watching us on television. Welcome all.

And to Tom over in Moscow... Hello! Great to have you with us.

Our thanks to the city of Vancouver, the people of Clark County, and the Celebrate Freedom folks for organizing and presenting the Marshall Lecture. It is commendable that this community honors General George C. Marshall. His legacy of courage, leadership, service, and dedication to duty should be remembered – and emulated. And it seems only fitting that this year’s lecture focus on a generation of men and women who hold these same values – and put them into practice.

We owe the "greatest generation" a tremendous debt of gratitude – and I’m pleased to be here and join in this effort to honor them. Because of them – because of you – the world is a better place. And I thank you – not only as Governor of the state of Washington – but as a father of two small children.

Thank you for our freedom, our liberty and the independence we enjoy every day and the precious things we all take for granted because of the sacrifices you’ve made.

Thank you for persevering through the Depression and war to keep America the land of opportunity.
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