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June 1, 2001
Locke calls on Pierce County business leaders to support transportation plan

June 4, 2001
Locke urges technology leaders to help make Washington the 'Innovation State'

June 5, 2001
Washington's social services get perfect score in 2001 Digital State Survey

June 6, 2001
Gov. Locke's statement on AWB press conference

June 6, 2001
State employee telework and flex time to reduce traffic congestion and set example for business, Locke says

June 7, 2001
Locke predicts new Audubon Center will develop environmental leaders

June 7, 2001
Locke promotes renewable energy sources at sustainability summit

June 7, 2001
Gov. Locke's statement on Senate Ways and Means budget

June 11, 2001
First Lady Mona Lee Locke will represent Washington on international trade mission to France

June 12, 2001
Locke, utility representatives agree energy crisis has not abated

June 13, 2001
Locke calls for transportation vote next week

June 15, 2001
Study potential energy savings from extended daylight saving time, Locke requests in letter to U.S. DOT

June 18, 2001
Gov. Locke's statement on FERC ruling

June 20, 2001
Locke addresses rural economic development during salute to Phyllis Pulfer

June 21, 2001
Locke will call Legislature back for third special session if transportation package not passed

June 22, 2001
Gov. Locke's statement on U.S. DOT approval of direct flights by Alaska Airlines between Seattle and Washington, DC

June 22, 2001
Locke extends energy supply alert for an additional 60 days

June 25, 2001
Locke issues directive to promote student safety at Washington School for the Deaf

June 26, 2001
Locke signs $22.8 billion state operating budget

June 26, 2001
Locke approves several House and Senate Bills

June 28, 2001
Locke announces appointments to boards and commissions

June 28, 2001
Statement from Gov. Gary Locke on federal Court of Appeals Microsoft decision

June 29, 2001
Statement from Gov. Gary Locke on BPA rate increases

June 29, 2001
Gov. Locke's statement on agricultural disaster relief for Eastern Washington

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