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April 1, 2002
Gov. Locke signs legislation to make communities safer

April 1, 2002
Locke signs bills to protect Washington’s environment

April 2, 2002
Gov. Locke signs safety belt legislation that will save lives and tax dollars

April 2, 2002
Locke signs 37 bills into law

April 3, 2002
Locke enacts civil service reform

April 3, 2002
Gov. Locke signs 25 bills into law

April 4, 2002
Gov. Locke signs 12 bills into law

April 5, 2002
Gov. Locke signs balanced 2002 supplemental operating budget

April 5, 2002
Gov. Locke, Superintendent of Public Instruction Bergeson honor state’s Teacher of the Year

April 10, 2002
Gov. Locke testifies on homeland defense before U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee

April 15, 2002
Locke accepts national award for Community Jobs program

April 16, 2002
Gov. Locke, Superintendent Bergeson announce Reading School of the Month

April 18, 2002
Gov. Locke announces $36.7 million in grants to purchase and improve salmon habitat

April 18, 2002
Locke encourages citizens to sign up for ‘green options’ programs offered by electric utilities

April 22, 2002
Locke names new directors for agriculture, information services and communications

April 24, 2002
Locke honors Washington Scholars of 2002

April 30, 2002
Gov. Locke, Superintendent of Public Instruction Bergeson promote literacy at statewide conference

April 30, 2002
Locke directs Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development to operate as a single state agency

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