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January 8, 2002
Locke reports progress at Washington School for the Deaf

January 9, 2002
Locke testifies about proposals to fight terrorism

January 9, 2002
Locke applauds three state agencies vying for prestigious digital service award

January 11, 2002
Locke urges contractors to support transportation fix

January 15, 2002
State of the State address - Gov. Locke calls on legislators to make tough choices

January 16, 2002
Gov. Locke’s statement on Evergreen Forest land transaction

January 17, 2002
Gov. Locke and Superintendent of Public Instruction Bergeson announce Washington Reading School of the Month

January 18, 2002
Gov. Locke urges ‘a day on, not a day off’ to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 18, 2002
Gov. Locke’s statement on passage of transportation efficiencies and reforms

January 22, 2002
Locke signs bill authorizing legislative redistricting plan

January 23, 2002
Locke urges support for investments in transportation, education

January 23, 2002
Gov. Locke welcomes Olympic flame to Washington

January 24, 2002
Locke appoints Gonzalez to King County Superior Court

January 25, 2002
Locke says it’s time to get moving on state’s infrastructure needs

January 25, 2002
Locke uses Clark County interchange to tout transportation plan and WSDOT efficiencies

January 28, 2002
Gov. Locke's statement on passage of transportation reforms

January 29, 2002
Locke cites improved safety and efficiencies to support transportation plan

January 30, 2002
Locke names Fukai as General Administration director

January 30, 2002
Gov. Locke’s statement on potential terrorist attacks

January 30, 2002
Locke signs landmark transportation reform bill

January 31, 2002
Locke appoints Hartman to Kitsap County Superior Court

January 31, 2002
Gov. Locke’s statement reaffirming no terrorism threat

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