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January 1, 1999
Locke names Sen. Eugene Prince to head Liquor Control Board

January 1, 1999
Locke proclaims emergency for eleven Washington counties

January 1, 1999
Washington state leads nation in managing its government

January 6, 1999
First Lady to host public forums in western Washington

January 7, 1999
Locke announces selections to several state boards, commissions

January 7, 1999
Locke names Lukens and Kessler to King County Superior Court

January 8, 1999
McDonald misunderstands labor proposal, Locke says

January 12, 1999
Locke challenges legislature to do the business of the people

January 13, 1999
Levinson leaves WUTC to join Seattle Municipal Court

January 14, 1999
Locke names Marilyn Showalter to chair WUTC

January 19, 1999
Governor proposes water-law changes to save salmon

January 19, 1999
Locke names Helen Howell as director of intergovernmental affairs

January 21, 1999
First Lady Mona Lee Locke to host public forum in Vancouver

January 22, 1999
Locke restores funding for agricultural county fairs

January 25, 1999
Seattle to host World Trade Organization Ministerial meeting

January 26, 1999
Locke releases historic economic report on state's Indian tribes

January 27, 1999
Locke delivers checks as employers receive $200 million refund

January 27, 1999
Mrs. Locke feels fine and returns to Olympia

January 29, 1999
Locke appoints to African American Affairs Commission and various state boards and commissions

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