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Communicating Public Value and Performance:
A Toolkit for State Agencies

How well does your agency communicate performance and public value? We have created a toolkit for Washington State agencies to communicate public value and organizational performance. We've organized the tools using the diagram, below, for communicating value and performance. Just click on each element in the diagram to see a list of tools for that purpose, use these text links:

Two-thirds of all agencies that completed the 2002 Annual Quality Self Assessment identified “communicating organizational performance” as an opportunity for improvement. State government agencies must stay in touch with those we serve and with our own employees. Communicating value and results demonstrates a sense of responsibility, accountability, and commitment in delivering public services. External communication connects us to citizens and stakeholders that have a vital interest in what we do. Internal communication demonstrates a commitment to our employees to help them understand their role in delivering public services.

Communicating Value and Performance: Diagram/Toolkit

Click on each element, below, to see a list of applicable tools.

Logic Model Link to Ask Tools Link to Improve Tools Lind to Measure Tools Link to Tell Tools


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