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Governor Locke’s Executive Order requires state agencies to:

  • Implement a program to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the services it provides.
  • Enlist senior management, mid-management, front line staff and support staff in improving service delivery.
  • Use the tools of strategic business planning and performance measurement to establish agency priorities and measure progress toward goals.
  • Assess customer and stakeholder satisfaction with their services.
  • Regularly evaluate and improve their systems of leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, information and analysis, human resource management and process improvement.
  • Report the results of its quality improvement / employee involvement programs to the Governor on a quarterly basis.

This page contains links to files, handouts and presentations developed in support of the Quality and Performance program.

Vision for the Quality Initiative (MSWord 31k)

Leadership Model (MSPowerPoint 24k)

Tools for Driving Performance

Link to Tools for Communicating Public Value and Performance

Aligning for Performance (MSWord 39k)
(Integrating the elements of a performance management program)

Agency Annual Self-Assessment

Quarterly Quality Report Format (MSWord 29k)
(Used in reporting progress toward opportunities identified in the Agency Self-Assessment)

Governor’s Award Application Process

Reporting Results of Performance Improvements

Performance Agreements with the Governor

Overviews of Related Tools and Approaches

Links to Sites Related To Performance Management

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