This is a partial list of the acronyms used most often in this report. For a complete list see Appendix B.


AFW               Agriculture, Fish and Water Forum

ALEA              Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account

BPA                 Bonneville Power Administration

CAO                Critical Area Ordinances

CREP              Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

CWA               Clean Water Act

DCTED           Department of Community Trade and Economic Development

DNR                Department of Natural Resources

DOE                Department of Energy

DOH                Department of Health

EIS                  Environmental Impact Statement

EPA                 Environmental Protection Agency

ESA                 Endangered Species Act

FOTG              Field Office Technical Guides

GCNR             Government Council on Natural Resources

GIS                  Geographic Information System

HCP                Habitat Conservation Plan

IAC                 Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation

IPSW               Interagency Permit Streamlining Workgroup

JARPA            Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application

JNRC              Joint Natural Resources Cabinet

LWD               Large Woody Debris

NMFS             National Marine Fisheries Service

NOAA             National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NPDES            National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

PFH                 Properly Functioning Habitat

PFP                 Properly Functioning Population

PSWQAT        Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team

SASSI             Salmon and Steelhead Stock Inventory

SaSI                 Salmonid Stock Inventory

SEPA               State Environmental Policy Act

SMA                Shoreline Management Act

SRFB               Salmon Recovery Funding Board

TFW                Timber, Fish, and Wildlife

TMDL             Total Maximum Daily Load

USDA              United States Department of Agriculture

USFS               United States Forest Service

USFWS           United States Fish and Wildlife Service

WDFW            Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

WRIA              Water Resource Inventory Area

WSDA             Washington State Department of Agriculture

WSDOT          Washington State Department of Transportation

WSP                 Wild Salmonid Policy

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