The Joint Natural Resources Cabinet*

In May of 1997, Governor Gary Locke and agency heads signed a memorandum agreeing to establish a forum to serve as the "...formal and ongoing institutional framework to promote interagency communication, coordination and policy direction on environmental and natural resource issues."

Curt Smitch, Special Assistant to Governor Locke for Natural Resources

Larry Cassidy, Member, Pacific Northwest Electric Power and Conservation Planning Council

Martha Choe, Director, Office of Trade and Economic Development

Tom Fitzsimmons, Director, Department of Ecology

Jim Jesernig, Director, Department of Agriculture

Laura Johnson, Director, Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation

Tom Karier, Member, Pacific Northwest Electric Power and Conservation Planning Council

Jeff Koenings, Director, Department of Fish and Wildlife

Nancy McKay, Chair, Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team

Steve Meyer, Executive Director, Conservation Commission

Sid Morrison, Secretary, Department of Transportation

Busse Nutley, Director, Office of Community Development

Cleve Pinnix, Director, Parks and Recreation Commission

Mary Selecky, Secretary, Department of Health

Terry Williams, Tribal Representative, Tulalip Tribes

*In August of 1999, the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission formally accepted the Governor's invitation to join the Joint Cabinet. They have asked Terry Williams, Executive Director of Fisheries and Natural Resources for Tulalip Tribe, to participate with the Joint Cabinet.

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