The Statewide Strategy to Recover Salmon was released in September 1999, following an earlier draft. The goal of the Strategy: "Restore salmon, steelhead, and trout populations to healthy and harvestable levels and improve the habitats on which fish rely." The Strategy was designed as the state's long-term vision or guide for salmon recovery.

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Statewide Strategy to Recover Salmon

Contents - Statewide Strategy to Recover Salmon - Summary
Washington State Joint Natural Resources Cabinet
September 21, 1999

The Joint Natural Resources Cabinet
A Message from the Joint Natural Resources Cabinet and Governor's Salmon Recovery Office
Key Near-Term Milestones for Washington State Salmon Recovery Strategy
  1. A Sense of Urgency
  2. Background: Setting the Context
  3. A Road Map to Recovery
  4. Core Elements




  6. Toolbox for Recovery
  7. Adaptive Management and Monitoring
  8. Appendices

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