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Robin Zukoski, Executive Director
PO Box 40011, Olympia, WA 98504-0011.         
Phone: 360/902-0645 
Fax: 360/586-5281

The Governor’s Commission on Early Learning is charged with ensuring that every child in Washington
goes to school prepared to succeed.

The Commission is working to identify gaps in programs for children and parents and is focusing on raising
the public’s awareness of issues surrounding early learning in children.

The Commission will have four main areas of responsibility:

The Commission is working to identify a set of specific activities that parents and child care providers can
do with their children to help prepare them for kindergarten.

The group is developing a public information campaign to communicate information about early learning
to the Washington public through television, radio and print media.

Members of the Commission are planning to sponsor a Children’s Summit and other public events to give
parents and care givers a chance to come together to share information about early learning and other
relevant topics.

The group also will identify a legislative and budget agenda that could be included in the governor’s
budget and policy proposals for the 1999-2001 biennium.

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