The Locke Family

Gov. Locke’s family has a long history in Washington. His grandfather came to the Evergreen State at the turn of the 20th century and worked as a houseboy in Olympia, not far from the Capitol. He then returned to China, where the governor’s father, James, was born.

“My commitment to the state of Washington is based on an appreciation for the opportunities that have been enjoyed by the generations that came before me, and also on my desire to make sure those same opportunities are available for the generations that follow.” Gov. Gary Locke

James Locke emigrated to Seattle as a teenager. He was a small business owner and served under General Patton in World War II.

Gov. Locke is the second of five children. He was born in Seattle in 1950 and was raised in Yesler Terrace, a housing project for families of World War II veterans.

A graduate of Franklin High School, he went on to receive his undergraduate degree from Yale University in 1972 and his law degree from Boston University in 1975. He supported his way through college with financial aid, scholarships and part-time jobs.

James Locke In 1978, Gov. Locke’s family was a victim of violent crime. While working in the family store, his father was shot and nearly killed by a robber. The shock, pain, outrage and hardship of that tragic experience left a lasting imprint on the governor’s life.

As a former deputy prosecutor, state legislator, King County Executive, and now Washington State’s Governor, he has always been a strong voice for law enforcement.

In 1994, he married Mona Lee Locke, a former KING-TV reporter. They are the parents of Emily, born in March 1997, and Dylan, born in March 1999.

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