Capturing State and Local Government Agencies' Websites

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Beginning January 2010, per Chapter 434-662 WAC, the Washington State Archives, Digital Archives will begin capturing and preserving annual snapshots of internet websites of public agencies. For more information please review Chapter 434-662 WAC Preservation Of Electronic Public Records. The Digital Archives offers the following guidelines regarding the website capture and preservation project:

  1. The Digital Archives will use a web spidering tool to crawl outward- or public-facing websites to capture annual ‘snapshots’ of public agencies’ websites. This will capture documentation of each agency’s history as shown through their public website. No action is required on the part of the agencies. Our web capture process will be completely transparent and will not cause any interruptions to agencies’ sites.
  2. Web spidering does not absolve agencies of their responsibility to identify, manage, and transfer archival content that may be contained in, or integral to, an agency website. If you need assistance or guidance in identifying archival content on your website, contact the Records Management Division of the Washington State Archives. You can find information regarding the Records Management Division by visiting the Records Management General Information page.
  3. If your website is dynamically driven by a database, you will be required to provide a copy of the entire code base to the Digital Archives. We may ask for additional technical information in this case.
  4. If you have additional questions regarding the capture and preservation of the annual snapshot of your agency’s website, please contact the Digital Archives at (509) 235-7509.