Transferring Your Archival Electronic Records to the Digital Archives

Chelan County Superior Court Records will be unavailable for a short period of time. Thank you for your patience.

The Washington State Archives, Digital Archives' primary mission is to provide for the preservation of valuable legal and historical electronic records of the State so that they may be centralized and made available for future research. Archival electronic records are transferred to the Digital Archives, just as archival paper records are transferred to the State Archives and the regional branches (Chapter 434-662 WAC).

You must identify which of your records are considered archival and eligible for transfer. All archival or potentially archival records are listed in the approved local government and state government Records Retention Schedules. If you need further assistance please contact the State Records Management office, or your Regional Archivist.

To begin the transfer process, consult with an electronic records consultant who will coordinate the transfer of your records. A few of the items we will discuss are:

  • Eligibility of records for transfer
  • Formats, organization, and amount of records that are to be transferred
  • Preparation and tools available for transfer
  • Subsequent transfers of additional records for each record series

If you have archival electronic records to transfer to the Digital Archives please contact us at 360-586-4901.