House of Representatives, Committee Audio Meeting Recordings, 1973-2002, 2011-2016 - H-Edu-01-09-1979.Wav

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[Identification of item], House of Representatives Committee Meeting Recordings, 1973-2002, 2011-2016 Washington State Archives, Digital Archives,, [date accessed].
Source of Transfer:
State Government Archives
House of Representatives, Washington State
Related Records:
For more information, or to learn about related records, contact the Washington State Archives at (360) 586-1492, or email
Audio tapes were digitized and processed by Seth Coates, Dan Mountain, Lucinda Duvall, Lindsey Arnold, Peter Triplett, Ellen Aronson, Kate O’Looney, Cindy Cobb, Jane Plant, Dinah LeDuc, Richard Lazaro, Michele Melton, and Molly Rooney as part of an ongoing project with the House of Representatives and Washington State Archives.

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