House of Representatives Group Photos, 1883-1981 - Ar-01214002-Ph000103

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5/24/2009 Heather I would like to comment about a man who had a huge impact in on my life. His was MR. Michael K Ross, he was a father to me; the father that I never had. He was my teacher and had wisdom beyond my green eyes. One day, when we were standing in the kitchen of (MRS.Leana Chavez) Mother of Michael Chavez Ross. Having once, more one of our talks about (LIFE). Mike told me (Heather Tuliloa) he was so proud of me, that despite all my challenges in my like that had been set before me stumbling blocks. He said that I had overcome them all and with that I blessed and turned away from his comments sternness took over in his voice and he said to me. Heather I'm serious you have came a long way you have overcome so much in your life you have become good woman,wife,mother your not on drugs in jail or dead. He said do you know how many people go thru what you have gone thru and the end up with there whole life being messed up. He said not you though you made it and I'm proud of you for that. That is just one of the many things I say about my Uncle Mike. There is one thing I must say about Mike is that in spit of; all the pit falls of being a single father to his young son(Mikey)that he was always there for Mickey, and even when mike did not' want him to be as kids do. I miss so dearly as I write this I cry but I know one day I will see him. He will be the first one to meet me at those pearly white gates and say "I'm so proud of you Heather". Sincerely, Heather Tuliloa
This collection consists of 51 group photos of members of the House of Representatives, from 1883 to 1981.

All notations are in English.

These images are open for research.

Digitization and cataloging by Mary Hammer.

Preferred Citation: [Title of image], [date], [photographer if known], House of Representatives Group Photos, 1883-1981, Washington State Archives, Digital Archives,, [date accessed].

Source: State House of Representatives Group Photos, 1883-1981, Washington State Archives. Original images held at the Washington State Archives, Olympia, WA.

For more information or to learn about related records, contact the Washington State Archives at (360) 586-1492, or email
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