1887, Spokane County Census, Spokane County Territorial Auditor - J B Parker

Source: https://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov/Record/View/CC40FFD80502539756CB4940579A24D2
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[Identification of item], 1887, Spokane County Census, Spokane County Territorial Auditor, Washington State Archives, Digital Archives, http://digitalarchives.wa.gov, [date accessed].
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Eastern Regional Archives
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For more information or to learn about related records, contact the Washington State Archives, Eastern Region Branch at (509) 235-7508 or email eabrancharchives@sos.wa.gov.
Microfilm census material held by Washington State Library.

Transcribed and proofread by the following Washington residents: Charles Hansen, Spokane; Fran Daniels, Bothell; Eunice S. Hallett, Benton City; Narda McNally, Okanogan; Susan Peterson, Mesa; Clar Pratt, Yakima; Marlene Stakkeland, Royal City; Final proofreading by Jan Crews, Ellensburg.
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