Spokane City Historic Preservation Office - Photographs

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8/19/2012 None This lady and her husband have done a lot for Spokane County's youth for almost a century. There legacy is something to be appreciated by all residents of this area.
10/15/2012 None She was not liked and was subbed by Spokanes Elite. Local women viewed her as crude, and unrefined. Mrs. Hutton ignored all and poured money into hospitals, children's homes, and homes for unwed mothers and a hall for organized labor. Anytime the poor needed something Mrs. Hutton was there to assist as much as she could. She and her husband Al made millions in Silver mining. They were tough and as fair as they could be.
10/15/2012 None You can read more about her and her husband in a book, titled, "Washington", refering to the state of Washington.
10/15/2012 none Mrs. Hutton also wrote a book about the Coeur D' Alene mining wars, taking the miners side and blaming owners/operators for the troubles. She also was one of the leaders in Washington State for women to gain the right to vote and helped in getting the amendment passed in 1910.
10/15/2012 Ed She was born in 1860 in a mining town in Ohio. She later took care of her blind grandfather, and came west as a young woman.
10/15/2012 Ed Her husbands full name was Levi Hutton, he was the ultimate business man, and she was the wise charity giver. What a Life!
10/15/2012 Ed Her full name was May Arkwright Hutton.
11/18/2014 Ed. She was awarded the Medal of Merit, 2009, Washington State.
The Spokane City Historic Preservation Photographic Collection (1878-1979) includes 558 photographs. The photos capture historic commercial and residential buildings, bridges, historic landmarks, Native American life, military installations, historic districts and other significant themes that document Spokane’s heritage. The majority of the collection is a mix of 8 X 10, 5 X 7, 35mm, 4 X 5 negatives and B/W prints.

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The City of Spokane was first incorporated in 1881 under the name Spokan Falls, the e was added in 1883 and the Falls was dropped in 1891. The Historic Preservation Office and Landmarks Commission was established in 1981 when the City of Spokane adopted a preservation ordinance (Chapter 17D.040).

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Source: Spokane Municipal Government, Historic Preservation, General Photographic Collection, 1900-1974, Eastern Regional Branch, Washington State Archives, Cheney, WA.

The Eastern Region Branch of the Washington State Archives retains all original prints/negatives.

To learn about related records, contact the Eastern Regional Branch at (509) 235-7508 or email eabrancharchives@sos.wa.gov.
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