1910, U.S. Federal Census, Spokane County, U.S. Census Bureau - May A Hutton

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10/15/2012 Ed The age is wrong here. She was married to Levi W. Hutton. She and her husband gave away a fortune to Charities in the Spokane County area.
10/15/2012 Ed Her full name was May Arkwright Hutton, she was born in a mining town in Ohio in 1860. Her husband was Levi W. Hutton.
11/18/2014 Ed. I have also seen a Date of Birth of 1862. She died 1915, Brights Disease. Hutton Settlement still operates today. She was snubbed by Spokane Society of the time.
11/20/2014 Ed. She was awarded the Medal of Merit by Washington State in 2009, its never to late!
12/29/2014 Ed. McConnell She and her husband made millions of dollars in the CDA and Wallace mining days. When the miners went on strike even though she and her husband were owners in the mines, she took the side of the miners.
12/29/2014 Ed. She also fought for womens rights, and the right for women to vote.
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