1870, U.S. Federal Census, King County, U.S. Census Bureau - Clara A Mccarty

Source: https://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov/Record/View/5DD27AE52713A833F95F2E24B2ECE819
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[Identification of item], 1870, U.S. Federal Census, King County, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington State Archives, Digital Archives, http://digitalarchives.wa.gov, [date accessed].
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Original census material held by the National Archives and Records Administration.

The transcription of the Census from a microfilm copy of the original U.S. Census Population Schedules was started in 1949 by Nell and Wayne Prickett, with assistance from members of the Seattle Genealogical Society. The index was started by a University of Washington Library School student and completed by volunteers and staff of The Seattle Public Library, History Department-Genealogy Section in 2003. The final preparation of the online database was done in 2007-2008 by Laura Goings, Tacoma, WA, Sue Ericksen of Zillah, WA and Frank McLean of Yakima, WA.
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