Inauguration of Governor Ferry Photographs, 1889 - Ar-28001005-Ph000003

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This collection consists of three images taken at the Washington Territorial Capitol, Olympia, Washington, in 1889.

One photographic print shows the delegates of the second Constitutional Convention in front of the Territorial Capitol building, most likely between July and August, 1889. Two 10 x 14 inch glass plate negatives show the inauguration of Governor Elisha P. Ferry at the Territorial Capitol building in Olympia, Wash., November 18, 1889.

All notations are in English.

These images are open for research.

Digitization and cataloging by Mary Hammer.

Preferred Citation: [Title of image], [date], [photographer if known], Inauguration of Governor Ferry Photographs, 1889, Washington State Archives, Digital Archives,, [date accessed].

Source: Inauguration of Governor Ferry Photographs, 1889, Washington State Archives. Original images held at the Washington State Archives, Olympia, WA.

For more information or to learn about related records, contact the Washington State Archives at (360) 586-1492, or email
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