1910 Stevens County (Federal) - Wolsey A Sloan

Source: https://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov/Record/View/4782EAFDB41792D958A90F9525EA4FB7
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The United States Census of 1910 is the fifth federal census of Washington State since the creation of Washington Territory in 1853. Enumerators were given one month, starting on April 15, 1910, to travel around the state and collect census information. The completed sheets were then sent to the United States Census Bureau.

There are 25,315 names listed on this census.
Database: 1910 Federal Census. ONLINE. 2003 and updated 2007. Washington Secretary of State. Transcribed and Proofread by the Washington State Genealogical Society.

Source: 13th census, 1910, Washington [microform]. Washington, D.C.: Micro-Film Lab., Bureau of Census, [195-?] 1 microfilm reel; 35 mm. http://cals.evergreen.edu/search~S2/o41691155?For

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