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The Fairmount Memorial Park index lists individuals interred at this site in Spokane, Spokane County, Washington. Index information about an individual may include name, birth date, birth place, death date, and names of family members. Index data was compiled by Maggie Rail, a member of the Washington State Cemetery Association who has transcribed over 400 cemeteries since 1993.

Fairmount Memorial Park is located at Lat: 47° 42' 27"N, Lon: 117° 29' 13"W . To reach the cemetery in Spokane take Wellesley Avenue west from Division Street and continue for about 4 miles. Wellesley Avenue dead ends at the cemetery.

There are 55,561 individuals listed in this index.

This index is in English.

This index is open for research.

Abbreviations used in this index:

b. = born
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
h/o = husband of
m. = married
s/o= son of
SA = state archives
SNR = state mortuary records
w/o = wife of
* = from family
Transcribed and compiled by Maggie Rail 2000, last edited Aug 16, 2016 .
Transcription Notes:

"This cemetery was founded in May of 1888, and was at first established as Spokane's "Official City and County Burial Ground." It covers about 220 acres, with 87 acres developed, and located high on the rimrock of the Spokane River. The cemetery overlooks the "Bowl And Pitcher" and Riverside State Park."

"This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Fairmount Memorial Corporation. It is one of the seven (7) cemeteries in Spokane County WA owned by this corporation as of 2016."

"This is a transcription of burial records I received from the cemetery comptroller office, with some additions when I found them. The cemetery records consist of only one date, and sometimes no date. This date is either a burial or death date, not always known, so we did not guess, but if I find it I added it. The listing for the burial location is added, along with age and Funeral Home when available."

"I had help to typed these records by Ila Wakley, who dd the most, Patti O'Bannon, Kelly Sullivan and Sallie Gargis. The task seemed almost unsurmountable, but all good things are like that at first. I see duplicates which tells me the duplicate could be the lot owners, intended for someone else's burial site, because the date is the same for more than one listing, with the location different."

"We finally were able to finish typing the records up to May 30, 2000 in 2004. I have added several since, but this is definitely not complete, I am missing many and will gladly add if anyone wishes to send the info to me. Entries followed by and asterisk * were received from family. Entries after that date were found in obits or other old records."

"Sometimes I have add names found in old mortuary records. Those have have SNR following the entry. SA were found in state death records. If they do not have a location they may be from obits or from a family member."
Preferred Citation: [Identification of item], Fairmount Memorial Park Index, Office of Secretary of State, Washington State Archives, Digital Archives, http://digitalarchives.wa.gov, [date accessed].

Source: Index and transcription notes donated to the Washington Historical Records Project by Maggie Rail, August 2016.
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