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Program 022
SPI - Pupil Transportation
Recommendation Summary
Dollars in Thousands
FY 97 FTEs General Fund-State Other Funds Total Funds
1995-97 Expenditure Authority 328,753 328,753
Supplemental Changes
Enrollment/Workload Changes 1,552 1,552
Contractor Bus Depreciation 492 492
Subtotal - Supplemental Changes 2,044 2,044
Total Proposed Budget 330,797 330,797
Difference 2,044 2,044
Percent Change from Current Biennium .6% .6%
Supplemental Changes
Enrollment/Workload Changes
Estimated weighted pupil miles for pupil transportation are increased by 4,907 (from 4,032,001 to 4,036,908 weighted pupil miles) for an estimated cost of $152,000. Estimated reimbursement to school districts for school bus purchases is increased by $1,400,000 (from $20,877,000 to $22,277,000).
Contractor Bus Depreciation
Funding is provided to shorten bus lifetimes on the depreciation schedule for school buses purchased by private companies contracting with school districts to transport students. The 1996 supplemental budget provided $9.0 million for reimbursing school districts for shorter lifetimes for buses owned by the districts. The appropriation did not include money for shorter lifetimes for contractor-owned buses. The additional $492,000 will allow state depreciation payments for contractor-owned buses to be based on the same lifetimes as school district buses. The additional cost for the 1996-97 school year is $615,000. Eighty percent of this amount falls in the 1996-97 state fiscal year, and the remaining 20 percent falls in the 1997-98 state fiscal year (July and August 1997).