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Program 020
DSHS - Juvenile Rehabilitation
Recommendation Summary
Dollars in Thousands
FY 97 FTEs General Fund-State Other Funds Total Funds
1995-97 Expenditure Authority 1,327.1 119,155 65,397 184,552
Supplemental Changes
Loss of IV-A Federal Funds 14,189 (14,189)
Forecast Update (56.8) (1,416) (5,618) (7,034)
Subtotal - Supplemental Changes (56.8) 12,773 (19,807) (7,034)
Total Proposed Budget 1,270.3 131,928 45,590 177,518
Difference (56.8) 12,773 (19,807) (7,034)
Percent Change from Current Biennium (4.3)% 10.7% (30.3)% (3.8)%
Supplemental Changes
Loss of IV-A Federal Funds
State funds are required to replace the loss of federal funds for basic programs in the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA). The Social Security Administration has directed Washington State to no longer claim Emergency Assistance (Title IV-A) for juvenile justice programs. (General Fund-State, General Fund-Federal)
Forecast Update
This item adjusts the JRA residential plan to equal the revised Office of Financial Management forecast. Savings from reductions in community beds and institutional overcrowding are included here. Corresponding reductions in federal and local funds are also included. In addition, funding is provided to cover a shortfall in anticipated savings generated by the Basic Training Camp. (General Fund-State, General Fund-Federal, General Fund-Local, Violence Reduction and Drug Enforcement Account)