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Agency 227
Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission
Recommendation Summary
Dollars in Thousands
FY 97 FTEs General Fund-State Other Funds Total Funds
1995-97 Expenditure Authority 30.1 11,418 11,418
Supplemental Changes
Mandatory Workload Increase 430 430
Subtotal - Supplemental Changes 430 430
Total Proposed Budget 30.1 11,848 11,848
Difference 430 430
Percent Change from Current Biennium 3.8% 3.8%
Supplemental Changes
Mandatory Workload Increase
This funding represents the level required to maintain workload levels for the Basic Law Enforcement Academy, Correctional Officer and Community Corrections officer academy, Supervisory and Management training, special skills training, various in-service classes, and special instruction for defense attorneys, prosecutors and coroners. Total individuals attending course offerings from the Criminal Justice Training Commission is projected at 18,864 for Fiscal Year 1997. (Public Safety and Education Account)