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Agency 080
Office of Lieutenant Governor
Recommendation Summary
Dollars in Thousands
FY 97 FTEs General Fund-State Other Funds Total Funds
1995-97 Expenditure Authority 3.0 485 485
Supplemental Changes
Accrued Leave for Staff Departure 12 12
Acting Governor Salary and Benefits 5 5
Subtotal - Supplemental Changes 17 17
Total Proposed Budget 3.0 502 502
Difference 17 17
Percent Change from Current Biennium 3.5% 3.5%
Supplemental Changes
Accrued Leave for Staff Departure
This item provides funding for the accrued annual leave and sick leave buyout due to the departure of staff from the Lieutenant Governor's office. The leave buyout is legally mandated and the calculation is derived from Section of the State of Washington Policies, Regulations, and Procedures. This cost represents over 8 percent of the currently budgeted payroll and cannot be absorbed within the existing budget.
Acting Governor Salary and Benefits
The Lieutenant Governor is legally mandated to serve as Acting Governor if the Governor is unable to perform his/her duties, including when the Governor is out of the state. As Acting Governor, the Lieutenant Governor is fully compensated at the Governor's level of salary and benefits. The number of days the Lieutenant Governor will have acted as Governor in Fiscal Year 1997 exceeds the budgeted amount. Funding is provided to cover this mandatory function.