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Agency Recommendation Summaries


The Recommendation Summaries document contains individual steptables that display the major dollar differences between each state agencyís current biennium (1995-97) expenditure authority and the Governorís recommended budget for the next biennium (1997-99). The subtotal "Maintenance Level" represents the cost to continue existing agency services and meet existing legal requirements, including any revisions related to mandated caseload or enrollment trends. Proposed additions or reductions to this base level of funding are itemized as "Performance Changes" and briefly described.

Agency mission statements, major strategies, and performance measures are included for most agencies. This emphasis on strategic planning elements and measurable outcomes is part of the implementation of Chapter 317, Laws of 1996, which requires the integration of agency strategic plans and performance measures into the budgeting process over a period of three biennia.

An asterisk (*) has been used to indicate expenditure changes that are dependent on new revenue legislation, or upon the Governorís proposed amendment to the Initiative 601 expenditure limit. Expenditures requiring other types of legislation have been identified by a pound sign (#) at the end of the item label.

Most inflation adjustments have been deleted from agency budgets, so the item "general inflation" will appear frequently on the list of individual performance changes. Although inflation is a real economic factor, the total cost of goods and services can be controlled to a certain degree by agency management practices. In some cases, deletion of the inflation adjustment in the budget may result in programmatic reductions beyond those specified in the budget.

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