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Agency Capital Project Detail

1997-99 Agency Capital Project Detail

The following section presents a brief narrative describing agencies receiving funds in the capital budget for the 1997-99 Biennium. The narrative discusses the capital facilities owned by each agency and major challenges in terms of its capital planning and financing. Highlights of the agency's 1997-99 capital program are identified. A list of 1997-99 projects follows each agency and provides a project description, start and completion dates, current and future cost, and fund source. Projects authorized for alternate financing are identified in the capital highlights and are presented in more detail in Section E. The agencies are grouped by functional area.

Court of Appeals

Governmental Operations
Office of the Secretary of State
Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development
Office of Financial Management
Department of Revenue
Department of General Administration
Military Department

Human Services
Department of Social and Health Services
Department of Health
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Corrections

Natural Resources and Recreation
Department of Ecology
State Parks and Recreation Commission
Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation
State Conservation Commission
Department of Fish and Wildlife
Department of Natural Resources

Washington State Patrol
Department of Transportation

Higher Education Coordinating Board
State Board of Education
Superintendent of Public Instruction
State School for the Blind
State School For The Deaf
University of Washington
Washington State University
Eastern Washington University
Central Washington University
The Evergreen State College
Joint Center for Higher Education
Western Washington University
Washington State Historical Society
Eastern Washington State Historical Society
Community and Technical College System