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Agency 130
Department of Printing
RCW 43.78

The Public Printer is responsible for printing and binding documents for the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of state government. When economical to do so, the Public Printer may contract with private firms for printing or supplies.

The goal is to provide the most effective printing and binding services to state agencies at the least possible cost.

Objectives are to: manufacture high quality printed materials which meet the needs of the agencies of the state; bid out jobs to private enterprise when the product cannot be printed cost effectively in the state printing plant; improve efficiency through the use of new equipment and technology; and provide low cost reproduction with fast turnaround time through copy centers.

Printing Plant Revolving Fund
The Printing Plant Revolving Fund is used to pay all expences of the state printing plant. Fund revenue is derived from charges made to state agencies for printing services and supplies.

Statement of Local Fund Balances

6/30/95 Fund Balance 6/30/97 Estimated Fund Balance 1997-1999 Estimated Revenues 1997-1999 Estimated Expenditures 6/30/99 Estimated Fund Balance
Non-Budgeted Funds
Printing Plant Revolving Fund (Working Capital) 3,932,000 4,266,000 60,200,000 60,396,000 4,070,000