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Agency 040

Statute Law Committee

RCW 1.08, 29.79, 34.05, 34.08, 44.20

Request $9,859,223
Net change from current biennium $1,153,746 Increase
Percent change from current biennium 13.3% Increase

The purpose of the Statute Law Committee and the Code Reviser, who serves as its secretary, is to: periodically codify, index, and publish the Revised Code of Washington; revise, correct, and reconcile the statutes by means of administrative or suggested legislative action; function as the official bill-drafting arm of the Legislature and its various committees; and prepare for the Legislature all bills, memorials, resolutions, amendments, and conference reports. The Code Reviser also compiles, indexes, publishes, and distributes the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), the Washington State Register (WSR), and the official Session Laws. The Order Typing Services (OTS) provides a typing and editorial service to state agencies drafting administrative rules. The Digest-Index staff compiles, indexes, and publishes the Legislative Digest and History of Bills.

The goal of the Committee is to efficiently carry out its responsibilities as prescribed by law.

The objective of the Committee is to provide high quality services in a professional, nonpartisan, and cost-effective manner. The Committee seeks to foster professionalism and expertise which will result in highly accurate publication of laws and agency rules.

Funding for the Uniform Legislation Commission, previously appropriated to the Commission as a separate entity, was transferred to the Statute Law Committee in Chapter 18, Laws of 1995, 2nd Special Session (the 1995-97 appropriations act) effective July 1, 1995.

The Uniform Legislation Commission is Washington State's delegation to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. Washington has been a member since 1905 and ranks fifth in adoption of uniform legislation.

The goal of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws is to attain uniformity among the states in subject areas where federal legislation is impossible or undesirable. Examples of acts adopted by Washington include the Uniform Commercial Code, Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act, Unclaimed Property Act, and the Uniform Residential Landlord-Tenant Act.

The objective of the Commission is to increase the number of "uniform laws" which are adopted by the Legislature.

Agency Level Summary

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Operating Budget: Summary
1995-97 Appropriations Appropriated Funds Expenditures
Amount Estimated Balance 1993-95 Actual 1995-97 Estimated 1997-99 Proposed
6,635,862 8,955 General Fund - Basic Account - State 5,805,129 6,626,907 7,158,645
Non-Appropriated Funds
Statute Law Committee Publications - Non-Appropriated 1,952,845 2,078,570 2,700,578

Total All Funds




Operating Budget: Summary by Object

1994-95 Actual 1995-96 Estimated 1996-97 Estimated 1997-98 Proposed 1998-99 Proposed
Salaries And Wages 1,791,300 1,735,116 2,243,226 1,920,319 2,463,412
Employee Benefits 457,705 414,747 504,372 290,582 720,487
Goods And Services 1,899,561 1,420,947 2,289,089 1,610,544 2,644,843
Travel 7,205 12,327 15,000 15,600 15,600
Capital Outlays 247,402 26,340 65,000 88,918 88,918
Interagency Reimbursements (25,174) (20,687)

Annual Total






Fiscal Year 1993-94 3,379,975
Biennium Total




Operating Budget: Change from Preceding Biennium

1993-95 Actual 1995-97 Estimated 1997-99 Proposed
Amount Percent Amount Percent Amount Percent
Total Codification and Revision of Laws (145,009) (1.8)% 947,503 12.2% 1,153,746 13.3%

Employment Summary

1994-95 Actual 1995-96 Estimated 1996-97 Estimated 1997-98 Proposed 1998-99 Proposed
FTE Staff Years 51.9 47.5 54.3 54.0 54.0
Average FTE Staff Year Costs 34,514 36,529 41,312 35,561 45,619