Lowry makes appointments to boards and commissions

OLYMPIA -- Gov. Mike Lowry today announced the following board and commission appointments:

African-American Affairs Commission

Trish Millines of Seattle has been appointed to the African-American Affairs Commission. Millines currently works as a Diversity Consultant in the human resources department at Microsoft Corp. In addition to her 16 years of experience in software technology, Millines has developed diversity programs at Microsoft which include employee relations and diversity training. Millines will serve through November 1998 and replaces Joanne Crosson, whose term expired.

Norman Moorer of Kennewick has been reappointed to the commission. Moorer is a manager at the U.S. Department of Energy working with managers in development, recruitment, advancement and retention of African-American employees in the USDOE work force. Moorer will serve through 1997.

The commission examines and defines issues pertaining to the rights and needs of African-Americans and makes recommendations to the governor and state agencies for changes in programs and laws. The commission has nine members, each serving three-year terms.

Asian-Pacific American Affairs Commission

Pam Tajima Praeger of Spokane has been named to the Asian-Pacific American Commission, replacing Rob Fukai, whose term expired. Praeger is the dean of instruction for community and professional technical education at the Institute for Extended Learning. Praeger is a member of the New Century Steering Committee, The Walsh Commission, and the Japanese American Citizen's League. Praeger will serve through June 1998.

The commission examines and defines issues pertaining to the rights and needs of Asian-Americans and advises the governor and state agencies on policies, plans and needs. The commission has 12 members, each serving three-year terms.

Governor's Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS

Seven new members have been appointed to the Governor's Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. The council advises the governor on HIV/AIDS-related programs and policies and was created to help improve cooperation in preventing the AIDS virus by raising public awareness and improving services to those already affected. The council has 30 members, each serving three-year terms.

The following members were appointed:

Paul Bolender-Hall, Centralia, is a high school student at Centralia High School and a paraprofessional counselor. Bolender-Hall serves as a volunteer for his local health department and the Human Response Network Hotline, in addition to leading a peer-HIV education group at his high school. Bolender-Hall will serve through June 1997 and replaces Ricardo Garcia, who recently resigned.

Karen J. Durham, Bellingham, established, with her husband, an institution called the Sean Humphrey House in memory of her son to care for persons with AIDS in a four- county area. She has worked with hospice workers to bring the subject of hospice and AIDS to the forefront. Durham speaks publicly on the subject of AIDS, the Sean Humphrey House, and her family's experience with AIDS. Durham will serve through June 1998 and replaces Gary Nelson.

Sylvia Feder, Kent, a paramedic with King County Medic One, has been an HIV/AIDS educator with the King County Emergency Medical Services for three years. She has taught classes and given presentations on HIV/AIDS awareness to fire departments, schools and other groups. Feder will serve through June 1997 and replaces John Rico, who recently died.

Joseph L. Gray, Seattle, is the director of statewide programs for the People of Color Against AIDS Network in Seattle. He has worked with HIV/AIDS education and prevention for nine years and has spoken extensively on related topics. Gray is the author of numerous publications and is a member of the AIDS Coalition in Prisons and Jails, the Mayor's Task Force for Latino Health, and the Mayor's Commission for Sexual Minorities. Gray will serve through June 1996 and replaces Barry Huff, who recently resigned.

Constance L. McCloud, Yelm, is an HIV/AIDS advocate through the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority. She assisted in developing an HIV/AIDS prevention education curriculum for the Chief Leschi schools, and is a member of the Pierce County HIV/AIDS Advisory Board. McCloud will serve through June 1998 and replaces Liz Smith, who recently resigned.

Jeffrey S. Petrie, Wenatchee, is the president of the Central Washington AIDS Coalition and chair of the Wenatchee chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). Petrie will serve through June 1998 and replaces Cynthia Brennan, who recently resigned.

Ruben Rodriguez, Walla Walla, is a migrant outreach education worker in the Walla Walla Valley. Rodriguez will serve through June 1997 and replaces David Anderson, whose term expired.

State School for the Deaf Board of Trustees

Tom Borgaile of Tieton has been named to the board of trustees at the Washington School for the Deaf. An active member of the education committee of the Washington State Association for the Deaf, he has served previously as president of the Yakima Valley Association of the Deaf. Borgaile will serve through July 1998 and is filling a vacant position.

Gabriel Love of Monroe also has been appointed to the board. In addition to teaching sign language and deaf culture and history at Kamiak High School, Love has assisted in the planning, implementation, and development of sign communication curricula and instructional methods. He is a member of the Mukilteo, the Washington State, and the National Education Associations. Love will serve though July 2000 and is replacing Kathy Steiner, who is not seeking reappointment.

The board serves the educational needs of hearing-impaired students throughout the state. One of its primary functions is to develop comprehensive curricula to develop students' skills and allow them to live and work as capable, contributing, and independent citizens. The board has five members, each serving five-year terms.

Governor's Council on Agriculture and the Environment

Dr. John Perkins of Olympia has been appointed to the Governor's Council on Agriculture and the Environment. A professor at Evergreen State College, Perkins received his Ph.D. in biology from Harvard University. His research and teaching interests focus on environmental history and policy, agricultural and environmental issues, world food problems, and the history of agricultural science and technology. Perkins is an author and is an active member of the American Society for Environmental History and the National Association of Environmental Professionals. He serves through the pleasure of the governor and replaces Cha Smith, who recently resigned.

Margaret Hutchinson of Okanogan was also named to the council. Hutchinson is an Omak District councilperson and previously worked with the timber stand improvement program for the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation. Hutchison serves through the pleasure of the governor and replaces Nadene Naff, who recently resigned.

The council provides a forum for communication and dispute resolution between agricultural, environmental, governmental, and other interests. Recommendations are made to the governor, state agencies, and the legislature with respect to the business climate for agriculture in the state. The council has 24 members..

Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment

Nancy D. San Carlos of Issaquah was appointed to the Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment. San Carlos is a tenant representative on the Hutchison House Board of Trustees and is active in the voter registration movement. She previously served as the director of Self-esteem for the Handicapped Inside Prisons (SHIP) and as a board member for the City of Issaquah's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Commission. San Carlos is replacing Kass Anderton, whose term expired.

The committee advises the governor and legislature on disability issues, generates local actions and initiates projects to address specific issues. Training and assistance are provided to individuals and organizations statewide through workshops, conferences, and the publication of disability-related materials.

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