Lowry protects consumers through partial veto on car dealership bill

OLYMPIA -- Car buyers will have more protection from unnecessary dealer charges following Gov. Mike Lowry's partial veto today of a Senate bill.

The governor said the part of the bill he vetoed would have hurt consumers.

"Even though the Legislature passed this bill unanimously, I will not risk letting Washington car buyers get stung by creating new loopholes," Lowry said of the bill.

Senate Bill 6173 deals with a variety of laws covering motor vehicle dealers, but one section in particular would have made consumers pay for third-party dealer costs relating to the purchase of a car.

That particular section would have allowed a dealership to pass along to consumers any costs associated with getting a clear title to the vehicle. The governor said consumers should not be required to pay third party costs some of which are in the dealer's control.

"Vetoing this section will help consumers avoid unnecessary add-ons to the purchase price of a used car," Lowry said.

The remainder of the legislation including provisions that will help cut red tape for car dealers will go into effect June 6.


For more information, contact the Governor's Communications Office at 360-753-6790.