Governor signs bill doubling penalties for school speed zone violations

OLYMPIA -- Gov. Mike Lowry today traveled to a Yakima grade school to sign into law a bill that should make drivers in school zones and playground areas think twice before speeding through them.

Under House Bill 2518, drivers who ignore reduced speed limits can get speeding tickets of $100, up from the previous $50 fine.

"This bill should help improve our children's safety around school areas and playgrounds," the governor said at Apple Valley Elementary School. "I want to thank the parents and children in Yakima who took the initiative to work with state government to get this bill passed."

In recent months, parents and students had grown increasingly concerned about safety when vehicles around the school grounds were clocked traveling well above the posted 20 miles-per-hour speed limit. Parents worked with Rep. Mary Skinner, R-Yakima, to get the bill started, and five students from the school's safety patrol traveled to Olympia to testify before the Senate Transportation Committee in support of the bill.

The bill doubles the fines for drivers found guilty of speeding in a school or playground zone. The courts may not waive, reduce or suspend the penalty.

The new law goes into effect immediately.

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For more information, contact the Governor's Communications Office at 360-753-6790.